Ntombi And Ace Clean Up Their Act!

They spent their Big Brother money wisely

By  | Mar 25, 2022, 11:31 AM  | Ace and Ntombi  | Relationships

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A light at the end of the tunnel for Big Brother 2015 winners Ntombi Tshabalala and Ace Khumalo. The couple is finally making headlines for the right reasons this time as they have reportedly started another lucrative business.

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Speaking to Daily Sun, Ntombi said she has now taken the traditional medicine route and is making money out of it. She has started selling a weight loss concoction, 'Imbiza in nguni and she is makin a living out of it.

"I'm running the imbiza business and it's going well," she told the publication.

She then explained how she got the ingredients for the concoction saying it was given to her via dreams. After struggling to lose some weight, she used a recipe given to her via the dream and it worked. This inspired her to run a  business and helped others.

"I wanted to loose weight and have tried different products but none of them worked. One night I dreamt of Imbiza...I ignored the dream until it came back several times. When this dream came back one of the nights, I woke up and wrote down the ingredients. It worked for me and that was how the imbiza business started," she told the publication.

This is not her first business though as she started many others with the R2 million prize money she and her baby daddy won.

The couple was marred with controversy when they made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Rumours of being caught with drugs and allegedly not paying their rent monies plagued them.

Ntombi claimed she hustled hard after her won and started other businesses and went for auditions as well. So these other businesses helped fund her current imbiza business

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We are seeing a growing number of ZAlebs entering the business market with some seeking to provide safe pleasure for people with King Monada condoms.

Others include weed rolling paper by Emtee, and DJ Zinhle looking to enter the fragrance business. "This year I’m working harder that I’ve ever work," promised Zinhle. This would be an added addition to her many businesses including an accessories store, to a luxury furniture company, to being the CEO of Boulevard, then owning her own hair company and having opened two physical stores for Era By DJ Zinhle, and doing what she loves, rocking the dance floors.

Other fragrance Queens include Zodwa Wabantu and singer Nomcebo Zikode. Nomcebo recently launch her own fragrance line called Duchess which comes in three different scents called, Royal Gold, Glamazon and Radiance.

She told Daily Sun that this is a dream come true, “...when I started out in the industry, my only focus was music, and that is all that I knew and wanted to be – a singer. But years down the line I realised that I’ve been limiting myself and I can be whatever I want to be, being a musician shouldn’t be my only focus.

“I used to steal my parents’ perfume while growing up. I love smelling good and this is because I believe having a good scent says a lot about you, explains who you are to people and makes a statement on your behalf and that is what we want to achieve with our fragrance,” she told the paper.

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