King Monada Enters The Pleasure Business

You're welcome to use "King Monada Condoms"

By  | Jan 13, 2022, 02:31 PM  | King Monada  | Drama

Image of King Monada
King Monada seems like an interesting guy to hang out with, as his tweets regularly have us wondering "what was he thinking?" And now as he has launched a new business, he may just become our new role model. 
The Malwedhe hit maker recently took to Twitter to share the big news that he would be entering the business of pleasure. He is launching the King Monada condoms, which, we have to say, is pretty unconventional and innovative, since most other ZAlebs seem to only venture into the alcohol business. 
His announcement was much funnier because in the picture he posted, he was wearing a sweatshirt with the word "RAW" across it. We don't need to explain to you what that means. Tweeps pointed out the irony of his outfit contradicting his message. 

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But you know Monada always has an answer for everything. He explained that he blocked out the word on his t-shirt, to send the message that raw is what NOT to do, instead you should "condomise", supporting his business in the process. 
As if that was not enough, he proceeded to give further details on the process of developing the brand. He said that they used his own manhood as a template to make the rubber, so he sure hopes that everyone else will be able to fit into them. 

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We are not sure what the King meant for us to deduce from this information, but it feels like Mzansi's responses went south fast. 

Tweeps are already bowing out, having concluded that they won't fit. Looking at King Monada, they have decided for some reason, that he has a small manhood, so if his package was the prototype, the condoms are surely child-sized. Ouch! 
We are unclear on whether this is a real business or he is just playing around. I mean, King Monada is full of jokes. 

He recently complained about cute guys, saying they take all the women, leaving none for ugly men like himself, or what he calls "dinosaurs". 
He is also set to get in the boxing ring and fight Big Zulu in March 2022, for which all of Mzansi is excited. He has been advised multiple times to give up and stop playing, because Big Zulu is sure to moer him. I mean, have you seen Big Zulu? Have you seen King Monada? We're not hating, but look at both of them and think about which of them you'd bet on. We already know our answer. 

Anyway, he is a pretty funny guy, but he is also serious about his bag, and his new mansion is proof of that. 

If this is a real business, we hope it works out for him, unconventional as it may be. 
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