Boity’s Apparent Scars Reignite Bujy Hate

She shares receipts of being in hospital as proof.

By  | Apr 05, 2023, 11:39 AM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Relationships

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Boity Thulo is considered the most followed ZAlebs in the country with six million and counting Instagram followers to date. However, one of the biggest scandals that Boity has been involved in throughout her over decade-long career is the assault drama that happened between her and her former friend and fellow media personality Bujy Bikwa.

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This was back in 2021 when the two made headlines after their altercation at a Midrand Hotel turned violent when Bujy allegedly threw a broken champagne bottle at Boity. Audio and images of the altercation and moments after were subsequently shared via social media. 

However, after the altercation, there have not been barefaced images of Boity shared via social media and now we know why. As such, vitriol for Bujy has again kicked off as images showing Boity’s scars have gone viral on social media. 

Boity’s apparent scars reignite Bujy hate

Digital content creator and rapper William Last KRM recently took to social media to share images of his time with Boity. The two had previously featured on the same remix by Boity titled 018’s Finest, which was a track dedicated to their hometown of Potchefstroom. 
However, when the images hit Twitter, the focus was not on the reunion of the two Potch natives. Instead, it was on the visible scarring left behind from Boity’s altercation with Bujy. As such, tweeps’ vitriol was reignited again in the comments sections. 

There were comments that called for Bujy to face jail time for what he did to Boity. Moreover, there were those calling for promoters and venues that continue to book Bujy to be boycotted due to the assault case that he faced. 

All this reignited backlash for Bujy comes off the back of him recently making a public plea to make contact with Boity in order to apologise. As reported at the time: 

Three years later Bujy Bikwa is feeling remorseful for what really went down between him and Boity Thulo at Courtyard Hotel, opposite the Mall of Africa in Midrand. Talking to Zimoja Lezinto, Bikwa has revealed how he would love to convey his sincere apologies to Thulo for what transpired that landed Thulo in hospital sheets.

"Nobody wants to be associated with me anymore,” said Bujy Bikwa…“With the restraining order she has against me, I can’t reach out to her. Most people who know the two of us and can play the role of peacemakers, do not want to intervene. They would rather stay away instead of helping me out. The incident has really affected me badly, I am currently on depression treatment, and undergoing counselling.” 

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