Things Are Getting Serious Between Mr. Smeg & Gigi Lamayne

They shared a romantic kiss on their first date at DJ Shimza's restaurant

By  | May 08, 2022, 10:07 PM  | Gigi Lamayne  | Relationships

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Popular Twitter influencer Mr. Smeg went on his second celebrity date last night but this one wasn’t so national though, perhaps maybe regional. Michael Bucwa who claimed his social media popularity from posing with his Smeg kettle in all his pictures initiated a date with local rapper Gigi Lamayne two weeks ago and she obliged. The influencer has since been posting pictures of Gigi on Twitter complimenting her beauty and they finally sat down for dinner tonight at DJ Shimza’s restaurant in Thembisa.

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At the beginning of the year, Mr. Smeg initiated a public date with actress and media personality Pearl Thusi on Twitter which saw many other Tweeps joining in to support the idea as well as big local brands also getting involved and sponsoring the success of the date. His date with Pearl Thusi was live-streamed for fans to watch live and had brands such as  Tshepo Jeans sponsor the outfits, Era by DJ Zinhle with accessories, and Drip came through with footwear while Mercedes-Benz Sandton offered to chauffeur the duo to their date in style, and many other brands joined in to make this day extra special for the Tweleb.

He has done it again, and this time with rapper Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney affectionately known as Gigi Lamayne to her many fans. Mr. Smeg who often charms celebrity women with compliments daily on his Twitter account with over 782K followers started posting a series of the local rapper’s photos with the caption, “Gigi Lamayne is beautiful,” and in another big tweet, he requested that the Hip Hop star go out on a date with him. “Hey Gigi Lamayne, you are beautiful and I love your music. May I take you out for lunch?” asked Mr. Smeg to which Gigi happily obliged, and even suggested the spot for their date.

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Tonight, Mr. Smeg’s name trended on Twitter concurrently with Gigi and Pearl's names on the trends list as he enjoyed a dinner date with Gigi Lamayne. Although the rapper was late, when she finally arrived, pictures of them together looking cozy and happy to be in each other’s company started resurfacing on the timeline. The owner of the Hang Awt restaurant DJ Shimza also shared images of the duo on his Twitter account with the caption, “National Hang Awt with Michael Bucwa and Gigi Lamayne,” while Smeg posted the same set of pictures admiring Gigi’s beauty. Gigi’s post was spicier, she shared a picture of her and Mr. Smeg sharing a kiss and laughing like a longtime couple that’s in love.

Mr. Smeg was dressed by South African designer Paledi Segapo who owns the Palse Fashion Brand and brought along his favourite accessory, the red Smeg kettle and at this point, no one is judging him for it.
He was live-tweeting throughout the date, he started off by telling Black Twitter that his date was late and upon her arrival, Michael tweeted, “Gigi Lamayne just arrived. She looks stunning. My Gosh, she smells great too.” He also added that he was so happy to have spent the night with Gigi.

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