Pearl Modiadie's New Boyfriend Revealed And It's Not Andile

"Pearl Modiadie is dating Denise Zimba's brother..."

By  | Apr 29, 2022, 01:54 PM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Relationships

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Television and radio presenter Pearl Modiadie recently shut down rumours that she was in a romantic relationship with fellow broadcaster and star of the Netflix original Young, Rich and African Andile Ncube following an article by City Press that confirmed the two as a couple. In an Instagram post, Pearl shared that she is indeed in a relationship, but not with Andile, and furthermore that she and her love interest are choosing to keep their love affairs private.

Earlier last week, City Press reported that the former Metro FM presenter was seen at a restaurant in Morningside making out with current Metro FM presenter Andile Ncube in public. They got an eye witness from the restaurant staff confirming that the two were indeed cosy and couldn’t let go of each other, but Pearl was quick to deny these rumours.

She shared on Twitter letting her fans and supporters know that she was having an honest lunch with a friend and that there is nothing happening between her and Andile. “With regards to the City Press article regarding my personal life. I am not in a relationship with the said party, I'm in a relationship that my partner and I have decided to keep private. Please also note that I'm merely putting this out as a sign of respect to our families, close friends and to clear this matter.” she said.
Today, new information about 

Pearl’s love life is resurfacing on Twitter with a lot of speculations from bloggers and fans. Popular and controversial entertainment commentator Musa Khawula shared with over 80K followers on Twitter that the star is dating Denise Zimba’s brother named Kgosi Zimba. The tweet reads, “Remember when City Press alleged that Pearl Modiadie is dating Andile Ncube. Well, obviously they lied but I'll tell you who Pearl Modiadie is dating. Pearl Modiadie is dating Denise Zimba's brother Kgosi Zimba. It is said the two were hooked up by Denise Zimba.”

The Twitter thread continued diving into the alleged love life of the mother of 2-year old Lewatle Olivier Oppenheimer as he shared images of her and her alleged new bae at Denise Zimba’s wedding where she was seen with her friend Lorna Maseko.
According to Musa, Kgosi Zimba called it quits with his fiancé and business partner with whom he’s been together for a little over 5 years. It is alleged that Kgosi Zimba advised his ex-fiancé against attending his sister’s wedding under the claim that there was a limited number of invitations sent out when in fact, he was bringing Pearl as his date.

Musa also shared a screenshot of Kgosi’s private Instagram account with as few as 400 followers with Pearl Modiade being one of them.

Fans and followers started having fun with the rumour and shared opinions of their own on the matter with a few also claiming that Kgosi left his fiance while she was pregnant with their child.

Many others who still associate her with the rich Oppenheimer family started bringing that question to light. Pearl has trended in the past with assumptions that her baby daddy was part of the South African family, the Oppenheimers but she also called off those rumours.

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