Pearl Modiadie Sets The Record Straight

The starlet is shutting down rumours

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 06:04 PM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Drama

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This past weekend, the rumour mill was on overdrive after it was reported that Pearl Modiadie was allegedly dating Andile Ncube.

According to an article published by City Press, the publication reportedly alleged that Pearl and Andile were out and about at a restaurant getting cozy in full view of people.

Since the rumours came out, fans have been sharing their opinions on the alleged new relationship and Pearl Modiadie decided to shut down the allegations. Taking to her Twitter, the television host vehemently denied reports that she was in a relationship with Andile Ncube. 

"With regards to the @city_press article regarding my personal life. I am not in a relationship with the said party," she wrote.

She then went on to add, "I am in a relationship that my partner and I have decided to keep private. Please also note that I'm merely putting this out as a sign of respect to our families, close friends and to clear this matter," she wrote. Take a look at her statement below:

It seems like celebrities are finally addressing rumours they are not happy about. A couple of days ago, Faith Nketsi went on her Instagram stories and shut down rumours that she was pregnant with her first child.

The rumours started after the reality star got married three weeks ago, and there have been countless articles 'confirming' her 'pregnancy'. The dancer turned reality star decided to set the record straight. Taking to her Instagram stories, Faith posted a video of herself in a crop top in an attempt to stop the pregnancy rumors once and for all.

"Can you guys please stop it with the pregnancy rumours, I am not pregnant, I am not planning to become pregnant anytime soon, I have gained a little bit of weight..... but geez, it's not that bad," she said at the time.

Another star who has found herself on the receiving end of baseless rumours is Enhle Mbali. The thespian who recently got out of a long-term relationship with Black Coffee has been mega-famous for more than a decade so naturally, people make up stuff about her.

After revealing that she and Black Cofffee are going their separate ways, there have been countless rumours trying to pair her with a new man. A couple of weeks ago, there were unconfirmed reports that Enhle was dating a new businessman and talking to her social media pages, The Rockville actress hilariously denied the rumours. 

After a fan asked her if she has a boyfriend, she said, β€œYes I do.”

The beauty was then asked where is he from and she said, β€œHe’s from another nation”, and after she was asked β€œwhich nation?”  she hilariously said, β€œImagination”.

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