Proverb plays the 'hide the bae' game again

Proverb is really enjoying having a new lady in his life.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | ProVerb  | Relationships

proverb plays the hide the bae game

He's been playing this game for a while now but we don't mind because we absolutely love playing along.

We honestly love all the 'hide the bae' posts some of our celebrities put up on their social media accounts because, well, we love being all up in their business!

It really does brighten up our day.


The latest celebrity to dangle a fraction of their private life in front of us is media personality and rapper Proverb.

The Idols SA host posted an image of his and hers sneakers on his Instagram account recently.

Cool…we ignored that post because, hey, a sneaker post is just that - a sneaker post, and we didn’t read too much into it.


However, on Thursday morning,  that tingly feeling of excitement became greater when Proverb posted an image of a delicious breakfast for two decked out on a fancy table with a bouquet of flowers.

What was more interesting about this image was that a female hand appeared on the side of the table, which was obviously placed there on purpose.

Proverb and the bae

Hmmm, a breakfast-for-two post can lead us to assume a lot of things, but we’ll just let your imagination run.

We guess Proverb is slowly but surely easing us into introducing his new lady to us?

Now it’s been rumoured that Pro and former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie are an item, but Proverb denied this. However, Instagram investigators are sure that this hand we see on the table is Liesl's hand.

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Liesl was seen on Wednesday night socialising with industry peers.

liesle laurie

We've recently seen this hand comparison image doing the rounds...

We can't help but giggle and marvel at the passion social media investigators have when it comes to finding out who celebrities are dating.

liesl's nails

If these two are indeed dating... good for them!

Ugh, they even have midnight snacks together. Swoon!

midnight snacks

Image Credit: Instagram

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