The Wife's Hlomu Trends For "Carrying The Show"

Here's the thespian who's "carried" two seasons of The Wife

By  | May 05, 2022, 11:50 AM  | Relationships

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Showmax's original telenovela, The Wife is no stranger to the social media trends list. The show, since the first season premiere has kept viewers glued to their digital screens and engaging across social media with every plot twist and storyline development from the story down to the very heated Khanyi Mbau sex scene from the latest season of the series. Today, fans and viewers of the show are commending protagonist Mbalenhle Mavimbela who plays the character of Mahlomudladla known as Hlomu for “holding down” the series.

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Her character Hlomu is a laid-back girl from Kwazulu Natal who urbanized to the big city of Johannesburg in hopes to find employment. Upon getting to Johannesburg, she, fortunately, finds more than just a job, but love too. She ends up falling in love with taxi driver Mqhele, a character played by another fan favourite, Bonko Khoza.

Bonko’s character Mqhele first appeared as a sweet and charming man, especially to his love interest Hlomu, quickly making a lasting impression to viewers of the show and fans online. He went out of his way to win her heart but after days of dating, Mqhele quickly turned into an obsessive and physically abusive stalker lover who’s trying to control Hlomu at every chance he gets. But one thing that is undeniable and a weakness to many viewers is their on-screen chemistry and synergy.

Fans online made the couple trend last night to this morning on Twitter for their on-screen chemistry but who stood out the most was Mbalenhle as Hlomu. Tweeps claim that the thespian has been carrying the two seasons of The Wife with her big role and meaty storyline. In an interview with Showmax ahead of the first season premiere, the actress mentioned that the role’s demand was what attracted her to audition for it. “What attracted me to the project is definitely because of the book because I know it was huge. It’s also a very big role, that’s another thing that attracted me.”

She also mentioned her highlights from shooting the telenovela and with so much gleam on her face she said that her wedding on the show was a big highlight along with watching the brothers shoot their heists, the actress enjoyed working on this project.

Additionally, she also mentioned that the hardest part about working on The Wife is “being Hlomu.” Mbalenhle says that the character goes through so much yet still manages to come out of all her challenges. She referred to Hlomu as a powerful and strong woman, but balancing her emotions, even as an actor is hard she added. “I do feel like I can connect with her though, especially as a woman. We all have something we can relate to with Hlomu,” said the actress.
She also mentioned that she enjoys her individual interactions and warm-ups with her colleagues when the cameras are off. “The funny moments are when I shoot with Mqhele, we are always laughing and we find every moment funny. We enjoy everything, we enjoy the process, we enjoy each other’s chemistry and we enjoy the process.”

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The series is based on Dudu Busani-Dube’s book titled Hlomu The Wife which is basically a book that follows a life story that’s set in a South African township.  A young woman named Mahlomu meets Mqhele Zulu and they fall in love. Hlomu is happy despite aspects of Mqhele's personality and past that make her uncomfortable. Her love for him is strong and she stands by him through good times and bad. Mqhele and his seven brothers come from a tumultuous family history that involves a dead warlord father, mob justice, and lots of unaccounted-for money. 

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