Thembisa Shades Her Failed Marriage

She was previously married to Atandwa Kani

By  | Dec 22, 2021, 12:07 PM  | Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo  | Relationships

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Most of our ZAlebs do not like talking about their failed relationships or marriages. They pride themselves of being private people but fans tend to love them more when they open up about their private lives.

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For Thembisa Mdoda, she shared a little bit on her love life when she MC'd at a recent wedding. She thanked the bride Wendy Tati-Makaba for allowing her to share a few words at the ceremony. She said, “I love what I do. It healed me in so many ways. It also gave me room to laugh at myself. Listen to the lesson here too. @wendy.tati thank you for trusting me with your day. What an honour.”

In her wedding speech, she said her first marriage is non-existent to her and does not acknowledge it.

The marriage she is referring to is the one with actor Atandwa Kani and she said people should not recognise it either.

“I don’t recognise my first marriage. In fact, it doesn’t even count and I don’t expect people to recognise it. I only learnt this important lesson in my second marriage – that whenever you fight with someone you love, don’t ever forget the love that brought you together. Always be respectful and thoughtful,” she advised.

A few years ago, Thembisa did speak about their marriage saying she believed they should not have walked down the aisle.

Their nasty break up even saw Atandwa denying his own kids. Telling her side of the story on VUZU's The Cover with Siyabonga "Scoop" Ngwekazi, she said, "Do you know what it is about my ex-husband? And I'm gonna say it now so that there's no mix-up... I was with someone I loved, it ended."

"The one thing that I refuse to do is give a man who did that to the children air time... because it doesn't matter what you're going through as a human being, you need to strengthen yourself and be considerate of the children and see this in their benefit'... I've got nothing to say about him. He's happy, I'm happy."

"I don't think he and I were at a point in our lives as two individuals, to be in a marriage. We were young... and there were so many things that come into marriage and this industry, that I don't think we were ready to handle," Thembisa said.

Thembisa was in pretty worrisome state a few months back when she was revealed to have been hospitalised due to COVID-19. By her side was her family and friends, with her child comforting her, “My kid feeling my grief and comforting me, on the phone today, knowing very well that I’m also fighting for dear life on this hospital bed. What a heavy day.” She posted.

Her family noted with pride how people reached out to comfort them whilst the TV host was in hospital. They issued a statement thanking the public for the support.

“The Mdoda family would like to thank all of you for all the calls and the messages concerning our beloved daughter Thembisa Nxumalo (Nee Mdoda) following a tweet regarding her health. She is indeed hospitalized and receiving the best medical treatment at Sandton MediClinic. She was diagnosed with long Covid-19 which was further aggravated by an allergy. We are fortunate the doctors diagnosed her in time and are treating her with the utmost care.”

“Thembisa is in good spirits and well taken care of and will be released in the next few days. The family is grateful for your love and support during this time, it truly doesn’t go unnoticed. You will be hearing from Thembisa very soon.
Once again, thank you and may you extend this grace to all other families in need."

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