#HandsOffNomcebo: Nomcebo Not Getting Booked For Jerusalema?

Tweeps are fuming

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Nomcebo Zikode is reportedly not getting what is due to her for being featured in the hit song that has taken the world, Jerusalema.

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Nomcebo's label, however, Open Mic Productions seems to be at the forefront of the controversy as they are accused of not allowing Nomcebo to get booked for shows where she has to sing Jerusalema and all of her songs.

It is reported that Open Mic Productions has been overlooking Nomcebo for shows that need her and when people try to book her, Zanda Zakuza has been offered as an alternative to singing Nomcebo's songs.

The company does not see anything wrong with this and feel that in their record label, they support each other and Zanda singing Nomcebo's songs should not be a problem.

Tweeps did not take this lying down for their national treasure. Some have questioned the type of person Zanda is for agreeing to do this and not just anyone, a woman.

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Sunday World reported that Open Mic Productions is doing this to teach Nomcebo a lesson because she thinks she is better than everyone else on the label and so they are showing her that she is not irreplaceable.

Some people are accusing MasterKG of not looking out for Nomcebo's interests. They are saying that it is bad enough that Master KG has been receiving recognition for a song that was not his concept is bad enough but being side-lined for every performance is another thing.

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It has also been reported that Nomcebo has not been getting paid her royalties for being part of Jerusalema that has surpassed 300 million views on YouTube. Tweeps have called out this treatment and said that Master KG has been enjoying all the millions and international recognition of the song on his own leaving Nomcebo out to dry. 
Some tweeps have decided to school everyone on how features work. They said that when an artist is featured on a song, they get paid what they quote and it ends there. You do not get paid every time the song gets airplay and other types of realities. We understand that so this probably explains why people have been unable to book her because, with every booking, thereโ€™s money involved. 

Nomcebo is not the first artist to be embroiled in such a scandal. Ambitious Entertainment is reported to have been doing for years. We have seen great artists like Sjava and Emtee leave the label and remain unable to sing songs that their fans love and enjoy.
Nomcebo has been busy doing charity work in her home town of Hammersdale in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The partnership is with AIDONIC. 

In a joint statement, Nomcebo and AIDONIC said, "Our efforts will be focused on aiding under-resourced children, elderly nursing homes, and supporting caregivers in less privileged communities".
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