ZAlebs Speak Out About Gender-Based Violence

They’re standing in solidarity with SA

By  | Jun 19, 2020, 11:45 AM

This week has been riddled with heinous crimes which have crippled the country. The issue of gender-based violence has been the topic of the town, as the celebs aim to spread awareness on the issue. 

Many have shared their frustrations and anger towards the government who remain silent for a long time, whilst others urged the male species to just do better. 

Boity has had enough of the injustices imposed on women in South Africa, blaming all men for their mentality towards the opposite gender.

In a series of posts on Thursday, 11 June 2020, Boity shared her grievances stating, “Dear Men. All Men. YOU DO NOT OWN OUR BODIES. YOU ARE NOT SUPERIOR BEINGS. WE DO NOT OWE YOU OUR LIVES. WE DO NOT COME FROM YOUR F*CKIN RIB. NO MEANS NO! STOP KILLING US!”.

South African musician, Cassper Nyovest has shared a video of his own experience where he was reminded of the fear instilled in women in South Africa.

Counteracting the #NotAllMen rebuttal to Boity’s recent comments, Cassper likened it to the #AllLivesMatter slogan amidst the #BlackLivesMatter movement. 

Pearl Thusi has had enough with the public’s misinterpretation of her words and has called out a local publication for their impartial angle on her xenophobia comments

In a Twitter rampage shared on 9 June 2020, Pearl retweeted an article which claimed that the public was coming for her, after she spoke from a “place of privilege.” The article targeted Pearl’s lifestyle based in the high-end Johannesburg suburb, Sandton, and questioned her opinion on the dense subject matter.

Candice Modiselle has weighed in on the viral image of Cardi B which is currently circulating the internet.

The image shows the famous American rapper visiting a local grocery store, dressed in a crop top and shorts, which has sparked a slur of insults from the public.

Noticing the hate that has come from the pictures, Candice took to twitter to speak her mind. She claimed that people often deem a full-figure black woman as untidy if she shows off her body. 

Black Coffee and along with many South Africans are fed up with the senseless killings of women and girls at the hands of men.

Black Coffee and legions of celebrities are calling on  government to take action. He has started by organizing a march that will hopefully shine light on these atrocities.

The DJ posted a poster giving details about the march, which will occurred on Monday, June 15, at 9 AM at 150 Commissioner Street, Soweto.