#ZAlebsStyle Trend Alert: The Ageless Generation

It's probably worth asking the likes of Thembi Seete what their secret to staying young really is.

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Thembi seete

From the former Boom Shaka star, to publishing mogul Khanyi Dhlomo, and perhaps even the likes of Uyanda Mbuli, who turns 40 next year, Zalebville is not behind in terms of the ageless generation trend experts are noticing, where women in their middle ages are defying what it means to grow older.

From Instagram addictions....

To having an evident penchant for style and fashion...

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The last of the summer daes...

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... an older generation of South African female celebrities seem to be rejecting traditional ideas of what "middle-aged" really means. In the UK, the Telegraph reported on a survey of 500 British women in the 40 to 50 age bracket who claim to not be feeling "middle aged". They live active lifestyles, are at the prime of their careers, and couldn't be bothered about the local Rotary Club, aren't even considering retirement or foregoing fashionability for looking like somebody's momma even though many of them are.Β 

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We're struggling to imagine Thembi Seete, for instance, running the financial affairs of a stokvel, never mind adorning a women's church suit or whatever it is middle aged women do as they step into what's always been known as the beginnings of old age. It seems, instead, that these are now the years in which many are discovering the best times of their lives with stable careers (making them a target for Ben 10s, for sure), an established sense of style, and an active lifestyle.

40 is the new 20!

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