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By now you’ve probably seen all of the social media frustrations and #SayNoToXenophobia messages posted by numerous African artists since the beginning of these insidious attacks against fellow Africans in Durban.  African artists have taken a step further by collaborating on an anti-xenophobia song urging the continent to join together in peace and unity.

The song titled UNITY features the likes of South African rapper, Prinston, Tanzanian artists, Sham Sila, Zambian artists Shishi and Zimbabwean artist Cashbid.

Like Dineo Ranaka who recently shared her shame in being South African, Prinston also shared the same sentiments.

“How ignorant are we? What is happening in our streets right now stems from our leaders. How do we forget this and act like it didn’t just happen;  do we want this as part of our history?” – Said Prinston.

UNITY  is not the first anti-Xenophobic song to come out of the continent, after the 2008 Xenophobia attacks South African artists collaborated on an anti-xenophobic attack titled Not In My Life Time which featured the likes of Simphiwe Dana, HHP, DJ Sbu, Kwela, Skwatta Kamp and many more.

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