AKA Leaves Fans Hanging

Fans will not see him until further notice

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Amid public outcry to boycott AKA and his music, he has decided to step down from the upcoming annual 947 Huawei Joburg Day which was set to take place this month.

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In a statement released by Kiernan Forbes' artist management firm called T Effect, and was shared by the 947 team, AKA will no longer be performing at the event because he wants to focus on his mental state.

Since the death of fiancée Nellie Tembe, AKA has not been the same but he managed to perform at for the very first time. Now, after the leaked disturbing videos of him and Nellie, it brewed assumptions of a toxic relationship which included abuse, which many link to her sudden death. Pinning the blame on AKA.

With all that has been going on, AKA's mental state has taken a huge toll so he is taking some time away from the limelight once again to focus on that as well as his physical state. 

He also is pulling out from the event with respects to the public so he can do some "self introspection", to make him fit to answer all the burning questions, which he plans to do so in due course. 

Nhlanhla Ndimande from T Effect writes, “Forbes, informed the team that at this time he would like to take time out to focus on his current state of mind and out of respect for public sentiment, as he prepares to engage on those.

"Joburg day is one of the highlights of AKA’s year, as he has been a part of its line up since 2014. It is with a heavy heart that he withdraws from participating from what has always been a magnificent working relationship with 947 and Primedia. He is very grateful to the entire Joburg day team who have been understanding of his decision.”

The statement further reads, "The hip-hop mega star has elected to take a step back from the musical eventing space because he is currently in a space where he feels it is necessary to place a greater emphasis on looking after his physical and emotional well-being.

"Furthermore, out of respect for current social conversation about him, in the public domain, he has chosen to take the necessary time out for self-introspection and healing so that he can adequately address all the pertinent issues in due course."

AKA then expressed gratitude to the 947 team for allowing him to keep performing at their event, “I would like to thank the 947 and the entire Joburg day team for understanding and giving me this continuous opportunity to do what I love. I look forward to working with the team again in the future.”

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