Ayanda Borotho's Account Is Hacked

"My security has been compromised"

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Actress Ayanda Borotho says her security has been compromised. She shared on Instagram that her Facebook account has been hacked.

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Ayanda said the hackers are using her account to post inappropriate content. She pleaded with her followers to ignore any communication from the page.

She wrote: "My Facebook page Ayanda Borotho has been hacked. The security on my Facebook account has been compromised and hackers are now posting inappropriate content on my page. I urge those who follow the page not to entertain messages or any kind of contact from this page. Thank you."
She last used her Facebook page last week when she opened a discussion about polyandry. The page has since been posting movie snippets.

Ayanda is one of the vocal celebrities and she usually speaks about issues that her followers can relate to on her social media platforms.

A few weeks ago, Ayanda spoke about bullying at workplaces, schools, and within relationships. She said bullying is everywhere and explained other forms of bullying.

 “The fact is...bullies are not just the ones wearing school uniforms. Let's not fool ourselves. Bullies are everywhere. They are in our workplaces posing as our bosses or HODs telling us how useless we are, in our schools teaching children and calling them stupid, colleagues who lie on us and discredit our characters, they are the loud and funny friends whose bullying tendencies are disguised as jests or the "sacred ones" who give you the silent treatment because they are protecting their energy,

“(by the way, the silent treatment is a form of emotional bullying), they are in the police force telling us "we wanted it because of what we are wearing", when we report a rape case, they are our husbands who think they own us because they bought us from our parents, they are our mothers who take out what they endure on us...” she wrote on Instagram.

Ayanda also spoke about inequality, she added that children are the reflection of their parents.

“We are a "nation" with a rotten soul. Isizwe esingana nembeza. Angithi nina nathi akwenziwe iTRC so we can microwave heal our wounds? Did you not say let's introduce BEE but benefitted a few elite, what must happen to the rest? The poor in the rural areas have no running toilets? I could go on and on...

“You strip people of their dignity and you breed a nation without a conscious. People are hellbent on normalizing what is inhumane because that's how every pillar of society treats them. Our children are a reflection and extension of us. Period. Asiyi esihhogeni. Isihhogo sila. (We are not going to hell. Hell is right here.)”

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