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Berita's husband is shaken

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Nota Baloyi is shaken after police officers allegedly invaded his home and assaulted him. Taking to social media, Berita's husband says he was wrongfully arrested by the South African Police Service (SAPS) officials in his home after they threw hands at him.

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The controversial music figure documented the entire encounter with the police on his phone, then shared the footage on Instagram. In the video, two police officials approach him whilst he is recording them. He informs them that his wife has a meeting to attend to and he needs to leave. The police came into his complex and allegedly began to assault him.  His phone got snatched away from him and the video ends.

Captioning the video he likened the police brutality in the country, to that of America but he added that in SA it's worse because it's black on black. "POLICE BRUTALITY IN SOUTH AFRICA IS JUST AS BAD AS IN THE USA... EXCEPT HERE IT'S BLACK ON BLACK," a visibly angry Nota said.

You can tell he was livid after this encounter because of the usage of caps in his post. He said the police were sent by someone he has beef with, "WHO SENT THESE COPS TO ASSAULT ME IN MY OWN HOME? I HAVE OPENNED A CASE AGAINST THEM. THEY WILL GET WHAT'S COMING TO THEM!"

Nota then took to his Instagram stories and detailed what had transpired and still stuck to the fact that he was set up. He was charged with reckless driving and assaulting a police officer, “Was wrongfully arrested yesterday for reckless driving in my complex and charged with assaulting the armed cops who brutalized me and my handset confiscated at Douglasdale police station.

"I’m opening a case of assault against them today and having a J88 form filled right now. They were sent to rough me up by my enemies. I will ensure that they are made to pay for what they did to me. I don’t want them to do it to anyone else," wrote a devastated Nota.

He also issued out a stern warning to those people who set him up, "As for those who sent them, God will deal with them for me...I write what I like.”

Nota has stepped on a lot of toes in the industry so him trying to figure out who would send police officials to rough him up could possibly take days. Nonetheless, he has support from his followers who wish for him to get justice.

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