Bonnie Mbuli Shares Her Vaccine Side Effects

She leaves her fans worried

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A lot has been said about the COVID-19 vaccine and their side effects, and now actress Bonnie Mbuli recently shared her own experience. The actress who recently scored a major international acting gig, said her side effects after taking the vaccine have been very bad.

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Bonnie opened a huge platform for people to talk about their experience after taking the life saving jab. She asked her followers if they ever experience hectic side effects like her and boy were the responses frightening.

A woman by the name of Donna said she has been sick for almost 2 straight months, "Oh Bonnie, I’ve been sick for the past 2 months. I took my first jab on 23July, been sick till to date."

Another tweep gave a very graphic description of how they have been handling the vaccine, "I had mam I was in bed from 3 weeks (J&J) it's like I was injected with COVID cos all the side effects were COVID symptoms, lost of appetite, back pain, tiredness, no taste no smell. When I went back to them they told me maybe I got vaccinated while I had COVID with no symptoms."

Their messages comforted bonnie who was very scared, but she thanked her followers for engaging, "Thank you for sharing your Vaccine experiences with me and putting me at ease, from what you say, it sounds like I'll be fine."

More tweeps came forward about their side effects:

Another ZAleb who has been vocal about her vaccine side effects was Kelly Khumalo who had a problem with feeling her lady parts. “You know when they say, straight talk doesn’t break any friendship? Me I am like this. So, last week I went for my vaccination for Covid-19. I get there, they are telling me that maybe I’m going to experience a slight headache, maybe my arm will be in pain.” She continued.

“No problem. But they didn’t mention that certain parts of my body will not be functioning properly. You know I am not feeling anything down under. Is it me or is it just the repercussions of the vaccine? I just need to understand. She is not the same.”

But the next morning she told her followers that she is fine and encouraged them to go and get vaccinated. “Hello everybody, I hoping everything is good. I know why I have been missing in action since my last announcement of things not working properly down under after my Mo Vaccine. I just want to say to you – go and get mo'vaccine. I just want to say to you go and get the vaccine. Me, everything is going well. Everything is back to normal. Just go and get vaccinated, everything is going right.” She said.

Encouraging people to go and get vaccinated was Makoya Bearings, who was told that he is a vaccine influencer. He promises to give you R10K if you can prove that he is indeed getting paid to promote the vaccine.

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