Candice Modiselle on living with her sisters and her passion for the industry

The Modiselle sisters are in no rush to move out of their mother's house.

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Candice Modiselle

With Generations actress Candice Modiselle having two sisters in the industry, she has managed to build a name for herself - despite fans thinking she’s been riding on her sisters’ fame - her consistent support structure from her family has kept her eyes on the prize.

In a recent interview on Metro FM, Candice revealed that she and both her sisters Bontle and Refilwe still stay at their mother's house and are in no rush to move as they are able to invest their rent money elsewhere.

“We all still live in the same kids, sometimes we feel the need to move out when we reach 18...we’re comfortable and I think we’re aligning our energy in finances in other spaces and not necessarily having to worry about rent and all of those things but we’re also happy being at home, because we all love each other, consistent support, nothing to complain about…”

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Refilwe went on to reiterate that her relevance in the entertainment industry was not because of her sisters but because of her passion, saying that Bontle and Refiloe did not start in art.

“Contrary to popular belief, people assume that I’m in the industry because of my sisters but before we were all in the industry, we were all doing our own things respectively. Bontle being in corporate communications, Refilwe being in advertising, so the love and the passion have always been there but it never seemed like a substantial thing to go into until they forcefully did so. And opportunities always steered them in that direction and in the same way, I went through the same journey, but from earlier on, from High School, I was relentless about my passion, hence I did study the arts.”

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