Cassper Shows Baby Mama Thobeka Majozi "Love And Appreciation"

He celebrates the mother of his son on her special day

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Cassper Nyovest and baby mama Thobeka Majozi are probably thee most lowkey couple in ZAlebville. They rarely post about each other or are seen out and about. When they do, it sure does have fans gushing over the couple.

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Now that Mother's Day has passed, Cassper Nyovest penned a lovely note to Thobeka. 

“Oulady ya K man!! I don’t even have the words. You gave me the most perfect son in the world. I used to joke about how he’s gonna be exactly like me but to actually see him growing into it is so scary. You’re doing such a great job and raising the hell outa this dude and I will love you forever cause of that. I know me and dude cause you a lot of trouble but we appreciate you a lot and we talk about it all the time in our DMC’s. He be like “Daddy , Mommy’s biding Me” which actually means “save me from this evil woman”. Lol. Real talk doe, All the love and appreciation BM!!! Forever!!!”
Thobeka is certainly not your average mother and baby Khotso is lucky to have her as his very own.

Cassper previously mentioned that his BM is richer than he is in an interview with Slikour. He explained everything including the time they met and what happened.

"l was a player at the time, l had a lot of girls around me, I an a celeb, l have money and l am funny so girls loved that. I had to pursue her and it took a long time for her to hear me out. She was not excited about my money. She is from a good family and is probably richer than l am."

In another interview with YFM's Banques And Venom show, he said this about her, “I've got so much respect for Thobeka. I'm so-so lucky... I was blessed with such a real one besides all the bullsh*t of the industry and some of the sh*t that they have to get accustomed to just because of me and my lifestyle and what I do and people being so interested in our family. And also people  don't like seeing people happy,” he gushed.

“We have something that they don't understand and they don't know about, we don't post about. When we're together we're together. No-one knows... our living arrangements they just see when it's good, it's not perfect but it's good and it's strong. I have so much respect for her because she goes through so much.”

Cassper also made a pledge that he will change his ways for his son,  “Now that I have a son, everything has meaning...I want to live long enough to teach him all the things I've learnt and I don't want him to live without a dad because of my poor health decisions.”

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