Everyday Is Emtee Appreciation Day

Fans show some love to Emtee

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Emtee's fans continuously prove how loyal they are to the Roll Up hitmaker. A handful of Hip Hop heads might have cancelled him due to whatever reasons, but his fans have his back. The father of two has been trending the entire day and it's all because of his music.

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Emtee's music for some might not slap the same way it used to and that is because people assume he is down and out. Yes, when he departed from Ambitiouz, Emtee's numbers and superstardom might not have been the same but he is still standing on his own two feet.

His number 1 fan is Sjava who occasionally reminds people about how powerful Emtee is. Taking part in Emtee appreciation day, he said Emtee gave people hope and inspiration above everything else.

In December, he told Emtee fans to never compare him to any other rapper because he is very unique. This comes after the South African Hip-Hop Awards (SAHHA) where Emtee lost out on three awards. He was nominated under the categories Album of the Year, Artist of the Decade and Best Male artist. The Best album was won by Big Zulu and Artist of the decade was won by Cassper Nyovest.

"To all Emtee supporters, you need to understand  Emtee can never be compared. If you love, respect and understand what he does, and why he does it, here is my advice: just enjoy his music. Nikhohlwe yizinto eziningi (you have to forgot other things). His mixtape is dropping soon and it’s going to be a classic."

Emtee was not a sore loser as he congratulated all the other winners and said he really wanted to make Lebo proud by winning, but that did not happen.

Fans showered Emtee with praises:
Emtee is also in the business of making weed rolling paper and his fans think it is a very good business move since he loves smoking weed.

Emtee made headlines when he considered MacG an op for not speaking about his album or music more in their interview. He said MacG only asked about his controversies and nothing about his music.

In response to a tweet which gave MacG a hand, Emtee spewed hate.  "MacG giving his employees bonuses is just heartwarming. They have really worked very hard, now the podcast is the biggest in Africa," a tweep said.

Emtee did not hesitate to make a comment that did not really make any sense because it seems as though he also wanted to be paid for doing that interview he did last year, which is episode 213.

Emtee then said he respects people who who do not love him, not people who pretend to like him, "I respect those who don’t like me more than those who pretend to," he said.

He spoke at length about his "ops" in a 9-minute documentary called 'The Real Story About Emtee. His documentary sees Emtee talking about how he left Matatiele to trying this rap thing out in Jozi. 

He told the tale about how he met Maraza, who also had a tough time in the industry so he went back home “I met Maraza, he was the first established artist I bumped into and made sure I make that moment count. So when I met him I gave him my music and told him to listen. I bumped into him in Yeoville and he said let’s go to my house now and listen to some beats and see if we can do something.

“So we did that and months went on, we started making a lot of music together. Then years went by, he was like a mentor. At every show I was with him and we formed a group and called it Forefront,” explained Emtee.

Emtee was involved in5 car accidents which is traumatic for him but he said Ambitiouz only cared about their cars instead of his life. That was when he was still signed under them, “A lot of people didn't really care if I was damaged. They were worried about the car and if it was written off and I’m asking myself, why are people so much worried about this vehicle and my answer came about when I found out it’s not mine,” he revealed.  "2 days in the hospital and motherf***s re stressing about the car."

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