It’s Hulisani Ravele’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday CiCi

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Today we are celebrating one of South Africa’s brightest stars, Hulisani Ravele.
Hulisani rose to fame on the popular SABC 1 kids' show YoTV.
Ravele celebrated her day with her close friends and family.
On Monday evening, she tweeted “Thank you so much for all your beautiful birthday wishes! 💛 I have had such an incredible day. I am so content and insanely fulfilled. Ndo livhuwa nga maanda.”
Huli is rumoured to have found someone special in her life. This after she shared an image with a mysterious man on social media.
Under a picture she shared on social media, her fans  expressed excitement for the presenter for having found love.
 @tshitshy: "The person who took this photo will reveal the identity of the bodyguard, you wait and see."
The presenter had previously been dating her former YoTV co-star Pysfo.

 In an interview with Mac G’s Podcast and Chillin 2018, Hulisani opened up about her relationship with Psyfo and the real reason they decided to end things.

She revealed that their relationship was longer than 10-years and their decision to date was mutual. “It was a ‘I see you’ you see me.”
She tries not to let her love life affect her worklife.
“I was trained to be a profession and so I will always come above and beyond whatever else is happening. And if anything I’ve found that if you are dating within your industry or your work line, you work extra hard so that nobody things that you are getting favours. So that nobody can doubt that this girl is good.”

The decision to break up was a mutual agreement between her and Psyfo.

“No, what’s the waste? Here’s the problem, when you set your benchmark and your goal as marriage, kids and a house – you are not in enjoying what it is in the right now,” she said.

“You’ll find that for so many of us, because the goal is not at a relationship level, just as rationing to one another as humans, it’s a ‘until I have a ring on it it’s not real.’ To me at the end of a day, a marriage is just a relationship that just has a certificate attached to it.

“People grow apart. It was literally one of those,” expressed Huli in the interview.
The Type Of Man She Is Looking For
In the interview, she opened up about the type of gent she is looking for. Bear in mind this is more than four years ago.
“I often find that people that are my age are not at the level of maturity and I say that because if you think about it I’ve been working all my life. So, want a normal 30-year-old is doing is not what we’re doing. We’ve been exposed to so much life.

“You must be God-knowing and God-fearing. For me it’s just a person that is very grounded and in-touch with their spirituality. That is important for me.

“And someone that is very centered and close to his family. In terms of money, I strong believe that I will not ask you for that which I cannot give myself,” she told Mac G.

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