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A big congratulations to power-couple Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu who announce their first film together. 
Not only will they be leading the cast but they produced it through their production company.
Stephanie shares: “So excited to have been part of this amazing project. As both an actor and production company.
Working with such a talented bunch of souls is so rewarding. Can’t wait to see all that this love project will bring our way.”
Titled Love Unlocked: The Chaos Of Love, the movie follows Tiyani and Zaria’s passionate, loving relationship starts to crumble as the uncertainty of the future drives Tiyani into an abyss of hopelessness and despair. 
As days become longer and harder, will Zaria’s love and benevolence be enough to save Tiyani from his own mental lockdown.

Joining YouTube’s Black Voices

The adorable couple recently announced that they’ve made it into YouTube’s class of 2022 Black Voices Fund.
"Beyond proud to announce that we are part of the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund class of 2022, which elevates Black voices and Black creators on Youtube," Stephanie shared with her followers.
Hungani says this means better and exciting content is coming to their YouTube channel.
"This means, our channel is about to grow and become even better than it is!!! Shoutout to YouTube for seeing us and choosing to support us on this journey!!! #thendlovugang."
Over a year ago, Stephanie admitted that the earlier stages of their YouTube channel weren’t an easy ride.
When H and I started a YouTube channel, about a year ago we definitely faced quite a bit of challenges and obstacles that we needed to persevere through.
“It became harder because there was always this expectation to sort of create this mind-blowing content because we started on a high. It was exhausting and there was a lot of times when we both felt like we wanted to give up. It wasn’t just about creating this amazing content but also, a lot was happening in terms of ourselves and our marriage. But we needed to persevere,” she said in part.

Celebrating 2 Years Of Marriage

Stephanie recently opened up about her marriage. She went looking for her wedding dress just a few weeks before her big day.
"First of all, I went shopping for my wedding dress. Literally, in less than two weeks before the wedding.” It was a very, I wouldn’t say a last-minute thing, but I wasn’t too stressed about the wedding dress.” 

She just wanted something simple.

" I never thought that I was that person who wants a dress specifically made for me. I’m okay if I’m not the only one in the world who has this specific design of the dress."
Speaking to True Love, she says juggling marriage and a busy career can get challenging at times.
"It can get a little crazy at times but I try and schedule everything in, including spending time with my family. It is after all the nature of being in this industry. Fortunately for me, my husband is in the same industry, so he understands that things can get a little busy." She told The Magazine.
Main Image Cred: Hungani Ndlovu Instagram Account/@hunganindlovu
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