Katlego Maboe Is Getting His Groove Back

He has every reason to smile again

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Katlego Maboe's private life has been on the spotlight for the negative reasons recently but he is paying less attention to that. The media personality is looking to get his groove back and his supporters could not be more proud of him.

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Isn't it refreshing to see Katlego Maboe smiling, laughing and singing his heart out again. He is also one with nature as he takes to the outdoors to connect with mother nature.

He has been posting images of him hiking and said he is in a better place as he can now feel, smile and  laugh from the bottom of his belly.

"It’s taken some time, much more time than I would’ve liked or expected of myself, to get to this point. A place where I could honestly smile again, feel again and laugh from the bottom of my belly. I am grateful that I am here - now," gushed Katlego.

This hiking trip was a bit different for Katlego who met a group of elderly ladies who made his think deeper about life and it's purpose. He explained how the elderly women touched his life as they were full of energy and held a warming display of true friendship, "As they laughed and bantered amongst each other, I allowed myself to be fully immersed in their energy and embrace - each one of them feeling like a maternal figure that has once touched my life, full of love, warmth and compassion."

Katlego explained that the oldest of them all was 63-years of age and had been friends for decades. "I am humbled that I got to experience a tiny part of their world - surely an ideal to strive for," gushed Katlego.

Maboe then wished his followers will also be able to form a friendship with people like those grannies did, "My wish for you is that you will find that tribe and that you will hold them dear all the days of your life. Let them know how much they mean to you and love them boundlessly."

Katlego might just be lucky as he had found a "true friend" who fight his battles for him in his absence. His friend Sipeto Loyiso Ganca, showed that he got Katlego's back when he wrote a lengthy Twitter thread and accused Monique of being possessive and controlling as she was apparently driven by jealousy.

He made shocking allegations that Monique wanted to cut Katlego out from their sons life. "...many of us as his friends could see the writing on the wall. So when we were told he was expecting his first child, we were not shocked. Nor were we happy for him. Which is sad to admit," he said.

He alleged that Monique was toxic and possessive over Katlego, "On one occasion he did reach out & we went to Hudsons in Parkhurst. I remember watching him looking over his shoulder at the time. And when I asked him why, he showed me the text messages. His partner was threatening to fly over to JHB & show up where he was. I tried to tell him that it wasn't possible. The fear he felt didn't understand logic."

Monique has been posting images of her and her new beau who she was dating before though.
Monique and her man in 2016 Image cred: screenshot

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