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Kelly Khumalo has a few scathing words for bullied who apparently disguise themselves as 'Black Twitter.' The Empini hitmaker is just the latest ZAleb to call out Tweeps for being a bunch of bullies and she did not beat around the bush.

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Taking to Instagram, in her famous accent she slammed Twitter trolls and bullies saying they are badly influencing their children with that behaviour. These sentiments follow the few clips shared all over social media where school children are assaulting one another.

The bullying lead to one child taking her own life and social media has been in a deep conversation about bullying. Many seem to believe that social media bullying often causes people to get depressed or end up committing suicide.

“I have seen how the majority of this country endorses bullying, even giving it a name: 'Black Twitter'. And you are surprised when your children follow in your footsteps. You are teaching them. If you want them to be kind humans, you start with being kind, even on the internet.

“Ask yourself if you are a good parent, if you are raising a bully or a kind child. You are the reason it continues. You are endorsing bullying. You are endorsing bulls**t.”

Taking to her comments section was actress Phindile Gwala, who said, "Many suicide cases are caused by cyber bullying. It's sad how we always find new ways of killing and destroying one another."

This did not quiet sit well with some people who called out the actress after she was accused of assaulting another woman and even breaking her phone.

Just recently, Somiz Mhlongo also condemned Twitter bullying saying it has become a very toxic place. "Bullying is real...and especially in the social media streets...Twitter being the most toxic's never too late to be kind...bullies can be helped only if they accept that they need help," tweeted.

After being called out for fighting fire with fire, he quickly corrected himself and said his statement came from a dark place of frustration. “I completely agree with you and I’m going to change it. When I printed the T-shirt the message came from a place of anger and frustration of being constantly bullied and, sending a message that if you’re a bully, you have come to a dead-end with me.“

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