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Move over Ayanda Thabethe, Kuli Roberts is proving she is the real selfie queen of South Africa.

As you read this, the TV and radio personality is probably loading yet another selfie (or two, maybe even ten?).

Kuli is really feeling herself, and who can blame her, we would take just as many selfies if we looked as great as she does in her 40s.

Erm, but we really think she needs to rethink some of her selfies. 

Kuli will probably give us the finger for this, but we are really just trying to help her, and all awkward selfie taking sistas, by pointing out such things. 

Check out her best and worst selfies. 

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You like this, don't you?

The "I swear, I am not crazy" selfie

Sigh, no one is around to take a picture of my outfit, might as well do it myself!

Thixo wase George Koch...

The oopsie selfie...

Now this is more like it! 

Image credit: Instagram/kuliroberts

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