Lady Zamar Once Again Under Fire!

Recently, the singer is always finding herself in a sticky situation with her posts

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Singer Lady Zamar is once again under the Twitter wrath following her tweet that rubbed tweeps the wrong way. Recently Lady Zamar is most like to be at the receiving end of hate because evidently tweeps have not forgiven her.

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If tweeps are not asking for her immediate arrest, Lady Zamar is being called out for a number of things. Recently Lady Zamar is receiving all kinds of hate from social media. Recently, tweeps were calling for her arrest for what she allegedly did toe singer, Sjava.

However, nothing will stop the singer from expressing herself on Twitter. As Lady Zamar takes to Twitter to comment about not envying a relationship where she spoils her husband as much as he spoils her.

"<<< the type of relationship where i spoil my husband as much as he spoils me" wrote Lady Zamar
Lady Zamar's tweep has really strike a never with tweeps as they are reminded by some of Lady Zamar's past relationship and what also transpired between her and Sjava. Reportedly, Lady Zamar was sponsoring one of her past boyfriend and tweeps are beside themselves at this character and virtue she has now adopted.

"as much as he spoils me....? Why not just appreciate that our weak n strong points r different, n just adjust ur relationship accordingly. That mentality will lead u into policing each other n that's wen blame games will start n u just spoil ur relationship" wrote Emmanuel Nxele
"Just like how you spoilt that light skin guy you dated earlier this year, even bought him baccarat fragrance and it go you nowhere Shame, serves you right" wrote Nthabi
"Its you day in, day out coming with posts that includes men in them.. and expecting people not remind you wenzani just asking for forgiveness kudlule" wrote Busii
Once again tweeps have urged Lady Zamar to refrain from tweeting about men, considering what happened between her and Sjava. Evidently, tweeps have not forgot nor forgiven Lady Zamar over the rape allegations she made against the singer.

"One thing lady zamar that she needs to know,she will never find peace.NEVER!" wrote Sindile
"Yeka ukukhuluma ngezama relationship please ngoba khona egcina sebeboshwa" wrote Ntokozo KaNgubeni
"Make a public apology to Sjava then we'll forgive you" wrote
"Awuthule wena Lady Prison" wrote G. Marketing
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