Mfundi Vundla working on an Afrikaans series

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“I have already started working on an Afrikaans drama series, which I hope will be out on a big broadcaster next year,” Vundla told People’s Paper.

Vundla who also made the How To Steal 2 Million  movie that went on to win four awards at the African Movie Academy Awards, said wounds caused by some of his former Generations actors who accused him of paying them 'peanuts' and unfair treatment, are still too deep.

His remarks came after he revealed that Winnie Ntshaba, who was also one of the former actors , said she wanted to honour him at this year's Royal Soapie Awards.

“Winnie Ntshaba called me saying she wanted to honour me in her Royal Soapie Awards for my work in the industry. I considered her suggestion carefully but then told her the wounds are still too deep.”

The dispute between the axed Generations actors and Vundla started in August 2014 and resulted in 16 actors being fired. Following the dispute, Vundla starting a new soapie with new actors called "Generations-The Legacy". 

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Speaking about the revamped Generations series, Vundla said things are not going as well as they first did when it came out, but it has at least regularly viewership of  five million.

“We got high numbers in December and then the numbers went down. But now we regularly have more than five million viewers. It helps sometimes to start something from scratch. It’s difficult but the rewards are great if you get it right,” he was quoted in the People’s Paper. 

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