“Best Decision I've Made For My Life”

Mihlali Ndamase on quitting alcohol

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Influencer Mihlali Ndamase has revealed that she has been sober for the past 30 days. She made this revelation via her Instagram stories where she said she is at her happiest and said this is the best decision of her life.

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Mihlali revealed to her Instagram followers that she has been doing without alcohol for the past 30 days. She shared this as a way to encourage others who are going through the same thing.

“I'm celebrating 30 days sober. I did it. I'm at my happiest, peak of my productivity and healthiest alcohol free. I haven't felt this good in months. This has been by far the best decision I've made for my life,” she said.

Mihlali then added why she revealed this to her followers after being criticise4d for partying at Konka during the said 30 days.

“I shared something to encourage those who would like to take the same route as me, those with an unhealthy relationship with substances who felt like they can't quit. It's either you take something from my story or you ignore it if it doesn't apply to you," she said.

“People can have fun without being drunk. Please don't make me regret opening up to you guys. I did it for a month without being policed and I can do it for another month and another. I know why I quit and what impact it's had on my life. I don't need discouraging remarks and yes, I am being sensitive about it because this is something that's very close to my heart.”

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We take a look at other celebs who have been sober. From alcohol to drugs, these celebs have taken the bold decision to quit and live a sober life.

Nina Hastie

Comedian and TV host Nina Hastie has always been vocal about her battle with alcohol and depression in the past. This has lead her to a series of traumatic incidents until she decided to stop.

''Hi I’m Nina, and I am an alcoholic. Today I am clean and sober for 6 YEARS!!! I’m the hottest mess I’ve ever been, and by that I mean - I’ve embraced myself - all my bullshit, all my fears, and have become the most honest and accurate version of myself and it’s absolutely DIVINE.''

Zoleka Mandela

Zoleka revealed to her fans that she started drinking at the tender age of 9 and even binged on cocaine by the age of 30! She had since decided this life is not for her. 

"This image of me sucking on a cigar (10yrs ago) is an abominable reminder of my smoking days, had my last cigarette in 2012 and my first one at the age of 13. I had my first drink at the age of 9 and my last one and the last cocaine binge at the age of 30. I’m so excited about celebrating my 12th year of SOBRIETY on the 11th of August, I literally can’t wait!!!,” she captioned the post.

DJ Cleo

The DJ has been sober for 44 years now and has also let go of the drugs. He shared his secret: “Practice doesn't make perfect. But it makes you better. There's new music in the air. Music is my nyaope, my alcohol, my weed, my drugs. 24 December I'll be 43 years sober, nicotine-free, and drug-free. Look after that body, I've been.”

He told TshisaLIVE that he never touched alcohol all his life. “I’ve never needed it for anything and I’ve seen all the negative side effects of narcotics which go against my beliefs and the core of my being.” he said.

“Focus has kept me from the pressures of society. I come from humble beginnings, I’d rather humble myself than have the consequences of my actions humble me.

“You’re more focused, you can be spontaneous and catch on opportunities as they present themselves. You’re less prone to hurt, harm people and sever relations. You feel great, you heal quicker, you’re sharper, you look good, and also look younger than some drinkers. The benefits are endless.”

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