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What happened to her lip job?

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Mihlali Ndamase is a social media influencer, blogger, and make-up artist from South Africa. Her cosmetic lessons, which she broadcasts on YouTube, have helped her establish a brand for herself.

She is one of the co-founders of the Siyasizana Foundation, a non-governmental organization dedicated to assisting the less fortunate.

Its her birthday today and so we decided to go through some of her highlights from her recent past.

Lip Job Gone Wrong

Mihlali Ndamase,  spoke up about her lip filler experience, months after social media suspicion that she had done something to her lips surfaced.

In order to clear the air, Mihlali stated that her decision was not driven by her insecurities. She said that all she wanted was to have the bridge that she had always desired.

"I honestly didn't do them out of any nervousness about my lips or insecurity about my face," she explained. Actually, I only wanted a larger lip, but I wanted it to seem natural. I really like the bridge on big lips, and I really wanted it, so I decided to go out and buy it."

She claimed she paid over R5000 for the lip bridge, but was disappointed with the outcomes.

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Who poisoned Mihlali?

Mihlali Ndamase alarmed followers when she revealed her food poisoning worry on Twitter. The YouTuber didn't go into great depth, but she did, however, inform her followers that she was not feeling well: "I know it's food poisoning, but I'm weak," she tweeted.

Mihlali claimed she felt she was going to die when she had food illness another time in the past. She wrote on Twitter, "Those who have never had food poisoning believe I am exaggerating when I claim it isn't child's play. Listen, I was dizzy last night from the amount of pain I was in. I truly believed I was going to die."

Mihlali, meantime, advocated for the formation of a support network for content creators. The YouTuber admitted on Twitter a few days ago that the job might be daunting at times. "... a secure environment for our mental health and general well-being. This profession demands a lot of you, and not many people talk about it " she sent out a tweet.

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When Mihlali was robbed

Mihlali Ndamase took to Twitter to reveal a terrible ordeal that she had been robbed. The beauty influencer said that her phone was taken from her grasp and that she had no recourse.

Fans who had similar experiences  went on to share their stories in the comments section.

"I had 4 guns drawn at me because of a phone," Thando-n explained, "and they could tell I wanted to run and stated "letha la sf*be" wasn't worth dying for, so I caved in and months later purchased myself an iPhone 12."

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Mihlali addresses homewrecker accusations

Mihlali Ndamase, the award-winning content creator, disappointed audiences once again on this week's episode of Drink Or Tell The Truth with Lasizwe.

In the comments section, many expressed their hope that she would not drink this time. Mihlali, on the other hand, responded to a few more inquiries and spilled some hot tea.

Among other things, she addressed rumors that she had taken someone's man. In case you forgot, Mihlali was accused of kidnapping her boyfriend by a Twitter user named Meeshka.

Meeshka criticized Mihlali, claiming she was dismissing other women. She even mentioned a corporation with whom Mihlali was affiliated at the time. The tweets were eventually taken down by Meeshka. As screenshots, here are a few of her tweets.

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