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South African television personality Minnie Dlamini has taken to social media to announce a brand new show coming to Channel 0. What’s great about this new production is that gives upcoming television stars an opportunity to shine and get their names out there.

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“Do you want to be on TV? Grow your social media following? Flex your presenting skills, all while watching your favourite music videos from around the world? Now you can with Own The O!

Send a video shoutout, tell us who you are. And post your video on social media using the hashtag #OwnTheO.

Mrs Jones recently revealed that she has ventured into storytelling. "If someone had to ask me who I am, I am a storyteller. It’s what I love most about life and how my ancestors passed on our history and lessons that the next generation needs to learn. I am so blessed that I get to express this passion of mine in multiple mediums.” She said.

"Here is one of my hidden (not anymore) talents. I created a beautiful story about love that transcends racial prejudice. I got to work with my genius brother @junkieflo who with a talented team of writers brought our story to life in the @kyknettv movie called PA. It’s always about breaking the mould and not allowing myself to be boxed into a category.” Announced the businesswoman.

It’s refreshing to see established television personalities sharing the spotlight with new talent. Minnie landed her first major TV gig on LIVE while studying at the University of Cape Town. She made her first appearance on the 16th of June 2010. She later joined SABC 1’s Mzansi Insider before moving on to pursue a career in acting.

Another show coming to Channel 0 is Mac G’s popular Podcast & Chill. The celebrity edition will air Thursday on the broadcaster.

According to their press release about the partnership, no topic is off limit so fans should not have to worry about the Podcast being censored.

"No topic is off-limits, from the deeply personal (battling illness, life in prison, childhood traumas), to fame, politics and navigating media scandals. The conversations are so honest and raw that the viewer sometimes feels as though they are eavesdropping on private chats between close friends, a sign of interviewing done right," reads the release in part.

M-Net Director of Local Entertainment Channels, Nomsa Philiso praised Macgyver for his skill to create chemistry between him and his guests.

“We love giving our viewers content that is relevant, relatable and topical, and Podcast and Chill with MacG is exactly that. The interviews are always candid, interesting and impossible to ignore. The chemistry between MacG and his guests makes for great television and we’re thrilled to have them join Channel O,” said Nomsa.

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