Somizi Mhlongo's Estranged Husband Mohale Motaung Upens Up ABout Therapy

He says he is happy, hurting and healing

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Undoubtedly, Somizi Mhlongo and ex-husband Mohale Motaung have had their biggest share of drama an bad publicity post their break-up and divorce. It has really been a slippery slope ever since for the pair and most of it being the ugly than good.

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With all the trials and tribulations that the once cute and most loved couple in Mzansi Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung, the pair is still trying to pick up pieces of whatever that was left after their messy divorce. At the age of 27 years old, Mohale Motaung has been through a lot to last him his entire life at the hands of his estranged husband and media personality Somizi Mhlongo.

With all the trouble, drama, publicity and having to deal with the wrath of social media. It was only befitting that Mohale Motaung seeks some sort of professional help with his mental health. Taking to social media, Mohale Motaung has shared the news of seeing a therapist to deal with all that he has been through.

He talks about even though he is seeking professional help, however he is still overcome with emotions of everything that he has been through having to play out for the public and on top of that having social media dissecting, scrutinizing, and cutting him down to size following the divorce to Somizi Mhlongo, even when they were still married and happy.

"Today was day 52 with my therapist since we started a year ago.  I'm happy, hurting and healing at the same time. Don't ask me how I'm doing it because I don't know, but I'm doing it, and I'm so proud of myself" wrote Mohale Motaung
In the same breath while some of his fans and followers have rallied and supported Mohale Motaung for seeking professional help. Other tweeps have made it known that they are not all at supportive of him. Giving it to Mohale Motaung straight under comments, tweeps are calling him out for a number of things, including being possibly denied the 50% stake out of his divorce settlement.

At some point and in numerous occasions, Mohale Motaung has been called out for not being genuine with Somizi Mhlongo. He was alleged to be in the relationship and marriage only for money. Claims were made that he is a money grabbing, power hungry partner who used Somizi Mhlongo as a leg up to the entertainment industry. Now that they are divorcing, Mohale Motaung wants half in divorce settlement.

"Are you hurting cause he doesn't want to give you the 50%" wrote The Other Guy
Another tweep who didn't mince his words, called out Mohale Motaung on playing an unfair game with Somizi Mhlongo. The tweep went on to say he wishes that Mohale Motaung doesn't get anything from Somizi Mhlongo in divorce settlement.

"I wish he doesn't get anything, Somizi worked hard for his money for him to cum and think he deserves 50%, at least he went to Paris" wrote Vee Mamome
Another tweep blatantly said that the reason why Mohale Motaung is seeing a therapist, it was for him to heal from the failed money heist. This comes after how he was trolled for wanting nothing but money from Somizi Mhlongo. The term money heist, followed after the popular Spanish series Money heist which had almost everyone on the edge of their seat. Motaung's marriage to Somizi Mhlongo was then coined 'money heist' as tweeps suspected that Mohale was in it for the money.

"He needed to heal from a fail heist" wrote Preside

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We like to see Mohale Motaung getting professional help and shaping his back to normality. All the best!
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