Moshe Ndiki Shades Lilian Dube

He accuses her of jealousy

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Moshe Ndiki and veteran actress Lilian Dube went out for lunch but their lunch date ended in tears as Lilian felt some type of way regarding Moshe Ndiki's groupies.

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Moshe shared a video from their little meet up and Lilian Dube can be seen shouting at Moshe because his fans kept asking for pictures and autographs, but not from her.

The media personality then told her it's simply because people do not know her but Lilian found this odd since she has been on our screens for a very long time.

"Out for lunch with @lillian.dube and she’s jealous cause everyone keeps greeting me and wants to take pictures with me and not her," laughed Moshe who then expressed his love for her. "I love you so much mama wam (my mother), thank you for your love , your truth and just you. But they will only greet me."

Moshe once opened up about being a victim of witchcraft "Yho the witch that is bewitching me spoilt me so much last night. In my dream I had all my favorite meats and I ate all of them. She cooked them just the way I like them. Enkosi cc undithakathe kamandi (thanks sis, you bewitched me nicely.)"

Legend has it that if you eat in your dreams, it might indicate that an enemy is working on you by sending some dark spirits. On social media, people always speak about how they are always advised by people, especially the elders, not to eat in their dreams, but Moshe ate the food and said it was delicious.

Moshe is continuously surrounded by toxic people and he is now tired of such. "I've noticed how some people in my life always have money to spend when it's with their other mates, whether lunching or going out in general but when it's me with me the bill is always mine and not ours. Even visiting or just gifting, it's on me. That s**t stops now thanks," he wrote.

We feel you Moshe. But it's probably because he is raking in cash, Moshe started his business called Moshe's Kitchen. Sharing a statement he said he started this business because of his passion for food, and also to honor his mother.

“It was no brainer to have found my calling in the food industry; I remember sitting and thinking to myself about five years ago, what can I do to honor my mother, honor the memories we shared with my aunts, uncles, and cousins around the dinner table, the passion to serve the ones we love that's when I discovered the art of spices, flexible and versatile. A wonder of creativity, the one thing that makes a dish extraordinary. And this was the birth of Moshe’s kitchen,” he said.

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