Mzansi Wants Bishop Makamu Back!

Moshe is just not cutting it with viewers

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Moshe Ndiki might be one of our favoruite comedians and a very fun, spirited man who is full of life, and enjoyable to watch. But when it comes to Moja Love's Rea Tsotella, avid viewers are just not feeling him at all.

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Rea Tsotella is a conflict resolutions talk show which sees guests confronting the people they have conflict with. It could be family issues, relationship issues between lovers and friends or other issues that arise between people.

This show is hosted by Endless Hope Bible Church leader Bishop Makamu and Moshe Ndiki who came after the Bishop. At first, viewers were not feeling Bishop Makamu because of one particular episode where he was supposed to assist an older couple who was fighting for a house.

The Bishop focused on matters that were not of essence to the couple's conflict resolution as he focused on their sex life. Viewers urged producers to replace Bishop with Moshe fully but that did not happen.

Fast forward a year later, Mzansi is changing its tune and want Moshe to get the boot, simply because he throws jokes around even when the situation does not allow. He is a comedian after all however, many feel that there is a time and place for all of that.

On Facebook we asked our readers what they thought about Moshe Ndiki and his presenting skills on Rea Tsotella and this is what many had to say:

Noxolo Motha: "Uyazama (he is trying) but he needs training on mediation. Sometimes he agrees with a person who wrote 2to the show even if he/she is wrong."

Livhuwani Nemutanzhela: "I know daddy (Bishop Makamu) messed up, but I want him back. Rea Tsotella is not the same without him."

Pamela Mndawe: "Moshe is a good presenter but Rea Tsotella is not for him. He lacks that, that, that factor nje of bringing peace and understanding. We know daddy was wrong but Moshe wabhora xem (he is boring)"

Jackie Bo: "Moshe is too playful, makes a lousy presenter and he's not multilingual."

Ntomby Ntosh: "I like Moshe shame and before his disappearance on the show he was way better than daddy. But when he came back I really don't know what changed but he is lacking that thing he had before I don't knw maybe its because of the producers and directors of the show but something is not right with Moshe."

On Twitter this is what viewers said about him:
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