Nandi Madida Dedicates New Single To Sara Baartman

The new song celebrates African bodies

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It's good seeing our celebrities showing love to our forefathers who suffered at the hands of white oppressors. Amid the whole Clicks drama, television personality and singer Nandi Madida has just announced that she'll be releasing a brand new single dedicated to the late Sara Bartman. Titled Organic, the new single will celebrate African bodies and advocate for self-love.
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"My new single ORGANIC is dedicated to the late Sara Baartman who was born in South Africa." She wrote. "We see her body being appropriated in mainstream media, but she was never celebrated but rather tortured and abused for her African curves that you see so many emulating today. OUR ANCESTOR went through so much."

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The star has a point, Sara Bartman was never celebrated enough, yes, we've been taught about her horrific history at the hands of her oppressors but her story is hardly told from a celebratory point. No celebrating what she went through but rather celebrating her as the African queen that she is. Madida wants to encourage African women to celebrate their bodies and love themselves more.
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"This song is a celebration of our African bodies and although the world will never say how they admire and long for our bodies, although they do when buying them. It’s important that WE LOVE OURSELVES because we’re not going to get it anywhere else." She added.

Revealing that her single will be dropping on September 18, 2020, Nandi stressed that we're blessed as Africans to have the bodies we have and she's right. "We have been blessed to have been given these bodies by God it is all ORGANIC, we are truly MAGIC 🙏🏽. Drops 18-09-2020 #MyOrganicBody"
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Nandi will be teaming up with her husband, Zakes Bantwini on the track. The couple first announced that they are releasing their first single together about a week ago after it was announced that they've dissolved their marriage. The song was written by the couple with the assistance of their 3-year-old son Shaka.
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The singer has been having a great year so far. She's one of the very few celebrities to star in Beyonce's critically-acclaimed film Black Is King. Beloved US actress Taraji P. Henson recently took to Instagram to show Nandi some love.  “CONGRATS BEAUTIFUL!!! Saw you in #BlackIsKing,” she commented on one of Madida's posts. Imagine, a whole Taraji P. Henson.

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