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From the radio airwaves to magazine covers and now back to where it all started! Pabi Moloi has just revealed that she’ll also be on etv’s Ek se Zwakala with the likes of Dineo Mokoetsi who’s also just joined the e.TV family alongside the ever so canny Toll A$$ Mo.

Although many might say that Pabi neglected her TV roots, which is not necessarily true, it brings great joy to know that she’s going back where she belongs. According to IOL News the 31-year-old had told the publication that she was never M.I.A from the small screen, explaining that her focus was mostly directed at her corporate hustle.

“It’s interesting that people say I haven’t been around. I hadn’t stopped working. I was more involved in corporate TV. I wanted to figure out what I wanted to do next. Being ‘back’ is not about the limelight, but the grindstone.” – She told the publication.

With a dynamic range talent such as hers, Pabi has managed to fit perfectly within all the media platforms she’s been offered, starting off as a teenage TV presenter on KTV to now taking on a no-holds-bar talk show where no topic is off limits.

Whilst speaking to the publication Pabi also revealed that it be her first time working with former Channel O and Vuzu presenter, Dineo Moeketsi

“She is incredibly dynamic. I can imagine people would love to put her in a box, perception wise. I think she is going to surprise a lot of people with this show.” – She commended Dineo.

Considering how much of a vocal person Tol Ass Mo is about his opinions it should be interesting to see how the likes of Dineo Moeketsi and Pabi will voice their opinions about South African politics, social issues and everything else that will make for good television and debate.

The new Ek se Zwakala with Pabi, Dineo and Tol A$$ will be airing on the 21st o April at 6pm

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