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Are the ladies too mature for the single Pastors?

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The Pastors from "Pastor Wants A Wife" seem to be hitting all the wrong notes with the viewers.

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The 13-part reality TV show sees two pastors from two different walks of life embark on a journey of finding wives that will not just complete them but also the churches they lead.

When describing the show, Mzansi Magic said, "Two single pastors put their faith in their churches and their families to help them find a wife in Pastor Wants A Wife...will expose viewers to church and family dynamics when a pastor seeks to find the love of his life".

Over the 12 episodes that have aired, we have met 12 ladies competing to bag the pastors, Pastor Aaron Zion Khunou from North West and Pastor Lincoln Fero originally from Zimbabwe. We have also seen the Pastors show us who they truly are in a church setting.

Some may even go as far as saying we have seen something that came across as a false prophesy. Let us give you some background nyana. So in one episode, we saw Pastor Lincoln inviting the ladies to go to church with him, a church he owns. When the ladies get there, the preaching takes a direction that seems to be offensive to the ladies. The ladies move on until Pastor Lincoln decided to start prophesying one of the contenders, Anelisa, a 23-year-old.

His prophecy is that Anelisa is flirting with a Nigerian man. This is where we see Anelisa storming out of the church service, she is followed by the rest of the ladies. She is visibly pissed because she was put on blast not just in front of the ladies but in front of the whole congregation.

Lincoln sees this but when he follows them outside a short while after, he asks them if they are okay. He does not address what he just did. Weird right?

Pastor Aaron on the other hand is also not without mishaps. from the very first episode, we all saw that he had taken some interest in one particular lady from his pack that was chosen for him. The rest of the ladies notice this and feel as though he was wasting their time because he had already made up his mind on who he intends on picking.

Kelebogile has always been a composed one out of everyone. She is very gorgeous and seems to be very calculative with every move she makes. Everything she says seems to be well-thought-out, every reaction is well-thought-out. She hardly says anything but when she does it's very profound. This may be why she stood out from the rest of the ladies from Aaron.

With all that charisma, Aaron was also not spared from the moody and confusing behaviour. How can we forget that episode when she (Kelebogile) asked Aaron to zip her green dress and when Aaron asked her why she asked him to. She simply said, "did that happen" Aaron proceeded to say "Did I dream that," She said he may have been.

Everyone was confused cos we were sure we all saw that scene. Well, the editor quickly helped us out and rewinded and there it was, Aaron zipping her dress in a very loving way. He may have fallen for her right there. What a character Kelly (as she is affectionately known at home) is.

Tonight the ladies came in full force except for one, who claimed that she had been sexually harassed by Aaron which is why she is not part of the reunion hosted by Lerato Mvelase.

Even tonight, we met the ever so graceful and calm Kelebogile that did not seem fazed by any of these ladies. After all, maybe she did win the man. Everything she did may have been worth it. One thing we are sure of, she was not on the show to make friends and the ladies do not like her, well some of them.

Now are these Pastors really what they seem to be? Lincoln is accused of sleeping with his best friend Mato and Aaron is accused of sexual harassment by Mpho.

Were their intentions pure to begin with? Maybe all of this was just for publicity, I mean Aaron did show us his book and the ladies did not shy away from telling us that that event was not of the standard they expected.

Do you think Lincoln and Aron came on the show with pure intentions, did they find their wives in these women or are the ladies simply too mature for them? Let's watch again next week on the second part of the reunion on Mzansi Magic, channel 161

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