Pinkie Didn't Win MR SA

And Black Twitter is devastated

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Mr SA made a huge splash on social media when their promotional "Top 20 list"  made the rounds and well...let's just say, the people were rolling on the floor with laughter at the top picks and their badly taken voters' photos.

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To be fair, it wasn't the contestant's fault that the marketing for the competition was a little shakey. After the list came out, a lot of the finalists took it on themselves to do some self-promotion on their social media.

One finalist that took our (or rather Black Twitters) attention was a contestant known as Pinkie Salman. His relaxed combover hairstyle, bespeckled face and suit and tie swag had people retweeting and adding votes to his roster.

With his popularity growing in a matter of minutes on Twitter, had the tweeps given this man the crown?

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Well, this past weekend the competition finally took place and the people's choice, Pinkie Salman-did NOT make the cut.

Yes folks, it's turning out to be a cruel world indeed.

He took to Twitter to share that his journey in the competition had come to an end.

Keeping a positive outlook, as always, Pinkie made it clear that giving up is not an option. And we know this to be true as this year was Pinkie's fourth try for the crown.

The competition took place in Cape Town, where the newly crowned winner, Heinrich Gabler, will be expected to relocate during his reign.
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Following the loss, he told TimesLIVE that he would keep his eyes on the prize. "I remain unshaken. I am focused because I worked really hard to get to this point in the competition."

Pinkie has not given up and you know that is not his style. He remains humble and forever optimistic about his prospering future.

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Main Image Credit: Facebook/@PinkieSalman