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The DJ is not done

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Prince Kaybee might have been under the radar for some time now but rest assured, he did not quit music at all. The DJ is back and ready to re-claim his throne as one of the best to ever do it in the club music scene.  

Like many of the other celebrities, Prince Kaybee took a social media hiatus, more particularly a Twitter break, because the app has been dubbed toxic. He was very active on the app and would engage on numerous topics and proved to be a person who is not a kiss-a** to other celebs. So, you can imagine how his fans and followers reacted when he decided to call it quits.  

Earlier this month, he decided to return to the app and re-assured fans that he is still alive and kicking, doing what he loves. But it was also time to get back on the grind and produce his club bangers. Prince Kaybee recently announced that he will be releasing his highly anticipated 5th studio album very soon, adding that he worked day and night to craft it.

"My 5th studio Album titled Gemini is almost ready, been crafting this piece day and night. Look out for release date," he announced.

Prince Kaybee previously worked on a 22-track project before this one, called The 4th Republic, and it did not do well neither did it create the buzz his work normally does. He puts the blame on Amapiano saying the genre is absolutely competitive. He recalled playing at a gig this one time and got approached by a girl who told him that he should change his set and play the Yanos.

He did also say the album was not pushed enough by the people from the record label, and well of course the dominance of Amapiano.

“Yeah it was fumbled, but part of it is the dominance of Amapiano, majority people want Amapiano. I was playing at a club two weeks ago and a girl approached me asking when am I playing it and also why am I not dancing like Waffles,” he said on Twitter.

But he still does not believe that House music is dead because of the Yanos. Maybe in the country, but he is still hopeful. He stopped paying attention when he realised he can go without making money from House music.

“In SA maybe, but I no longer do music to survive so it doesn’t really affect me. Its just the love that's keeping me in studio,” he said in response to a fan who asked him the fate of the genre.

Although he is not phased and still pushing he said the competition turns him on and helps him work under pressure.

“I love being challenged, its beautiful, there’s something about being under pressure that turns me on (not sexually) but competitively. So its game on for me, if you guys don’t like a song we just go to the next and continue like that.”

So what can we expect from this new album, Gemini? Well Prince has decided to keep mum about it but we can tell that it will be a bit personal because he named it after his star sign.

Speaking to Okay Africa in an interview about the 4th Republic, Prince revealed that his fans attributed a great deal when it came to the production of it. 

He revealed that after two years of making this album, he feels as though he had contributed a lot in the industry, so it would be his second last. So does this mean Gemini is his last album?

"I have done a lot for South Africans, people are vibing to the music. Now there are a lot of other things I want to focus on. I am not leaving music completely, I will still make music for other people but the brand Prince Kaybee for now I don't think has more to offer or change for the lack of a better word," he said to the publication. 

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