Prince Kaybee Gives Back To Young Undiscovered Artists

He wants to see other young artists making it

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Prince Kaybee is known as that artist who always pushes other artists to excel, whether it is by being vocal about certain issues, giving out free advice or simply giving back.

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The Gugulethu hitmaker reached out to aspirant artists and offered them a chance to better their music and create quality songs by winning a BabyFace Pro sound card.

In the video he encouraged young up and coming artists to enter saying the BabyFace Pro sound card has given him his hits such as Gugulethu and many others, “I have been using this to produce songs like Fetch Your Life, Gugulethu, Club Controller, Banomoya, the list is endless. I know there is a lot of musicians out there, that do not have the equipment to deliver quality music, so I am giving away this BabyFace Pro sound card.”

“I do this every year, where I give away stuff to contribute in your life, I think last year I gave away a laptop,” he mentioned.

Winning the equipment is an aspirant music producer/DJ, lyricist, composer & sound engineer by the stage name Pape Keys who hails from Polokwane.

Prince Kaybee is known for being a very vocal musician who does not hold his tongue back wen discussing serious issues.

One of the positive things he has done for the industry though is his Project Hope album, where he got 10 women who were hopefuls in the music industry. The artists he featured included Thembisile Q, Thalitha, Bridgette Vocalist, Thobile Ngidi, Katz the Singr, Ruby Rose, LaNeo, Sanda, Basetsana and Nosipho Sibisi. This was also a way of showing how he is against gender based violence. Hitting back at trolls who always gun for him, he reminded people of what he did for these women.

“Did you know I spent R1.5m to fund a project that got 10 women vocally trained for a week, recorded an album for them, paid songwriters and musicians to guide them while staying at a four-star hotel for a week, shot one of them a music video and you call me jealous?”

In a press conference attended by us when he launched Project Hope, the women spoke highly of him.

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Prince has a number of hits under his belt but he did taste defeat and it is all thanks to Amapiano.

His album the 4th Republic did not do so well though and he blames the Amapiano hype. He said whenever he plays at a club, people want to hear Amapiano and nothing more, “Yeah it was fumbled, but part of it is the dominance of amapiano, majority people want amapiano. I was playing at a club two weeks ago and a girl approached me asking when am I playing it and also why am I not dancing like Waffles,” he wrote.

As a house DJ, he reckons that maybe the genre might be slowly dying but on his side he is no longer doing music to survive or eat, but just for the love of it, “In SA maybe, but I no longer do music to survive so it doesn’t really affect me. Its just the love that's keeping me in studio.”

Prince said he did not have a good year in 2021 but he is trying to do better this year. This was mostly caused by his manhood being flashed all over social media, to COVID-19 pandemic.

The woman who displayed his manhood apologised to him once again, "Over and above everything, I’ve always felt the need to sincerely, wholeheartedly and genuinely apologise to you personally. Lives too short, and I’d like to cross over into the NY on a clean slate, I’m sorry Kabelo."

The woman in question is known as Hazel who had a fling with Kaybee while Zola was pregnant.

Prince Kaybee is dominating headlines for other reasons as well as he debuted his son MMM to the world.

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