Proverb Scores Another Presenting Gig

He is about to school us on property

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Idols SA producer and host, Tebogo ProVerb Thekisho has scored a TV presenting gig on the Home Channel on DSTV.

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The show is called The Property Game and Proverb will host it with the property investment entrepreneur Sylvia Milosevic. According to the Property Wheel on Twitter, "The show will will document the grueling yet rewarding world of SA property investment"

Proverb said on Instagram, "The Property Game. A docu-series about property investment. Each week we meet property investors who teach us about different property investment strategies and we learn from our resident property investment expert and head mentor"

Property wheel also said, "The Property Game, hosted by TV personality and property investor @ProVerbMusic will document the grueling yet rewarding world of SA property investment. The series is set to premiere on @homechannelsa @DStv Channel 176 on 4 August at 20:30pm"

Decor and Design South Africa said, "Novice real estate investors who have been successful at getting onto the property ladder share their stories and show you how they did it. These are regular people with regular careers who wanted a piece of the property market for their own, and have achieved that ambition!

"Discover how they went about learning the ropes and equipping themselves for their respective property conquests. You’ll hear about their journeys – from acquiring property to turning it into a money-making asset. You’ll also learn about how they overcame the trials and tribulations along the way"

People are looking forward to this proudly South African show.

This comes after Proverb left Kaya FM after four years with the radio station with many assuming that he’s joining 94.7as he exited Kaya FM straight after DJ Fresh and Euphonik were fired after a woman accused them of rape on social media.

The rapper hosted two shows on the station namely, “Kayasette” and “The Winner’s Circle”. He focussed on musicians and held unplugged sessions for his Friday show, “Kayasette” and had sit-downs with trailblazers on his Saturday show, “The Winner’s Circle”. 

Proverb is currently the host of Idols SA. Proverb's ex girlfriend Liesl recently got engaged and married last month. Liesl has been with her husband Musa for 11 months and she was with Proverb for three years. 

It was initially reported that Liesl and Proverb broke up because they could not see eye to eye. Their split really broke South Africa so much so that people could not believe that the pair had broken. That was until Proverb decided to remove all of Liesl’s pictures on his Instagram, unofficialling their relationship. 

Speaking to Jacaranda FM, Liesl said that she was whisked off to the coastal city Durban for the weekend by her boyfriend. She thought they were going to have a quiet and isolated time when a helicopter took them to a picturesque mountaintop where the big question was popped. We are totally blushing. 
Liesl is currently battling covid. He husband Musa was cleared and went back to work today, 2 August.

Musa took to Instagram to announce that he has officially gone back to work. He said, "Today was one of the saddest days ever. I had to leave my sick baby at home because I have to get back to work because I’m feeling better. God bless everyone is at home who is fighting COVID. Nothing but well wishes and good health to you and yours! We will fight and beat COVID, one day at a time!"

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