Qwabe Twins to Drop First Track

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Top of The

Black Friday will be dropping all kinds of specials this year and the Qwabe Twins' single in which they collaborate with DJ Tira is definitely a special we're looking forward to.
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The Twins are quite excited for their new release taking to the socials to give us a sneak peak.
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The track will however land amongst much drama and contractual disputes as Gallo Records also confirmed that the twins are still contracted to them. Their manager, Kim Coppen, has advised that the sisters would need to approach Think Entertainment to negotiate their release if they wanted Tira to represent them which it would seem they have not done. 

Gallo Records' Rob Cowling released a statement in which he confirmed that while they'd reached out to DJ Tira to discuss a way forward, they'd received no response. 
The Twins also seem to be ignoring this here contractual dispute. 
We do hope they aren't under the illusion that this will go away on it's own. 
While as ZAlebs we don't know the exact contents of the contract, we know that they must be honoured or The Qwabe girls will not enjoy their newly found fame.