A Big Congratulations To Rachel Kolisi

We did not see this coming

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Congratulations are in order for Springbok Captain's wife Rachel Kolosi. She recently took to Instagram to share that she is the happiest girl alive flaunting her brand new set of wheels
"Okay! There’s a few things to unpack here!" she wrote on Instagram. She said her husband is home and she also now owns another luxurious car.

"1st and most important my bestie is HOME! We only have 13 days together before he heads off again, but we’re apart to make the most of our time together! 2nd my new wheeeeels from our @mercedesbenzsa family - I’m obsessed."

Rachel added that she is proud to be part of the Adidas team, "3rd had the most inspiring morning with @adidasza at the relaunch of #impossibleisnothing ! in awe of the work they continue to do and count myself really blessed to be apart of it!"
A few days ago, she penned a heartfelt post on Instagram pouring her heart out about Rugby matches, "I celebrate and thank Jesus every time Siya walks off the field safely, today a little more," she said.
Sharing pictures of her husband on the field, Rachel said she does not wish moments like that on anyone, "when you see them go down like that, It’s so hard to put into words what it feels like, but scary and helpless are probably a good place start. Especially when your kids are very aware of what’s going on too," she explained.

She added that people often forget that Rugby players put their bodies on the line for their games, and things can change in a moment. She continued, "I’ve sat next to many others that have experienced those same moments, some were fine, some had lengthy injuries and others never played the game again."

Earlier this year, Rachel opened up about her struggle with depression. She was speaking to Youtuber and content creator Mpoomy Ledwaba on Mpoomy’s Wisdom and Wellness podcast.

She said it was hard for her at the time as she also had to take care of her kids. “I went through something really difficult not too long ago but a couple of years ago to the point that I couldn’t function and I had four kids at home and I literally couldn’t function as a human being. I’d get out of bed and just lie on the floor, I have a wooden floor at home and it was cold but I just wanted to feel something. The stuff that I was going through was so difficult and so challenging,” she said.

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