Bucy Radebe's Husband Issues An Apology To Dr Rebecca Malope

He also details what happened

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Over the weekend it was reported that award-winning South African Gospel singer Dr Rebecca Malope was allegedly disrespected by Bucy Radebe’s manager and husband Thapelo Thoboke at Sun City Superbowl.

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Amidst the reports, Sis Ribs tweeted that she was hurt and never experienced such disrespect in her life.

I am so hurt, I've never experienced such disrespect as I did last night. I thought I'd be fine this morning but I'm not ok. South Africa please pray for my heart to be mended

Last night, entertainment blogger Musa Khawula shared a statement believed to be from Bucy Radebe's manager and husband who apologises to Dr Rebecca Malope and details what actually happened.

The best way to describe this situation is that there was a misunderstanding which resulted in this matter being blown out of proportion the way it has. I wish to state the following for this record.

I communicated with the management of three feature artists, one of them being
Dr Rebecca Malope on the week of 19-22 April 2022 where I clearly articulated our vision on the approach of all feature songs which included the attire to be worn by Bucy on the set where the artists would be feautured.

The unfortunate incident between me and the manager of Dr Rebecca Malop's manager which was because of changes in the song approach which I was not informed of, unfortunately, reached
Dr Malope's ears as she was in close proximity to ears being prepared to go on stage.

On the incident itself, I simply stated to Dr Malope's manager that "If the song is not done according to our plans, it will lose the whole idea of honouring her and we may decide not to release it as it will be a waste to take it for post-production.

Dr Malope's office has also reached out to us, also wishing to withdraw from the song . While we deeply regret this decision, we nevertheless respect it and wish her everything of the best.

Let me hasten to state that main artist , Bucy Radebe, was on stage around 19:30 and she was not part of the above backstage conversations.

Both I and Bucy are massive fans of Dr Dr Rebecca Malope and Bucy looked up to her as an up and coming musician. We both hold Dr Malope in the highest regard and it saddens us as impression has been created that she was mistreated and insulted.

When we plan for this recording, going as far back as 2021, I, a devout fan of Fr Rebecca Malope, strongly advocated for Dr Malope to be one of the feature artists.

It is Bucy's wish to work with Dr Malope in the future and it is our hope that this misunderstanding has not put an end to that.

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