Relebogile Mabotja's Baby Is Here!

Congratulations to the new mommy

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Congratulations are in order for TV and radio personality Relebogile Mabotja who is now a new mom.

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The former Metro FM presenter announced her pregnancy in absolute style last month by gracing the cover of Batswadi Mag. She then gave her fans a sneak peek inside her stunning baby shower, explaining that she saw it fit to have her baby shower on the final month of her pregnancy.

In an Instagram post, Relebogile has now announced the arrival of her bundle of joy with a picture of her baby boy holding her hand.

The award-winning media personality has been uber excited about being a mother for the first time, and even more so because she has fibroids.

"So many women have asked me how I get pregnant with fibroids and tell me that they didn’t know it could happen. It’s almost like I’ve been reintroduced to myself. The whole concept of creating life and bringing life to this Earth is a deeply special experience, and that’s why many women say ‘I have no words," she was quoted as saying in an interview on IOL

She also spoke about her pregnancy journey and how it has opened her eyes to many things; including how she now looks at her own mother.

"Pregnancy has been happening forever, but it’s unique for everybody. You can hear a million versions of pregnancies. It’s such a personal experience. With my journey, I have had a great support system with women who have just recently given birth and were pregnant with me at the same time. It’s been such a beautiful journey. I see my mother in a new light now.”

This topic on pregnancy and fibrosis is of the many taboo topics the 36-year-old will be looking to dig deeper into on her new thought-provoking talk show Unpacked with Relebogile Mabotja on S3 (formerly SABC 3).

Speaking about her show, she said: "I missed those old Oprah interviews where you get sucked into an ordinary person’s extraordinary story. I feel like in my personal life and how it has served in my broadcasting career, I’ve reached the point where I’m comfortable enough with myself to ask uncomfortable questions.

“I thought to myself, this is a good time to go back to a style of talk that we aren’t really familiar with at the moment."

The new mom is also the "go big or go home" type of person, which is why when asked about the top 3 items she definitely has to have for her baby she mentioned a trust fund, school fees and a house.

When asked about some of her favourite platforms for mommy content she revealed that TikTok and Instagram are her go-tos.

Oh my gosh! Mommy content, so Instagram definitely has amazing mommy content. But the place that I’ve been finding that most mommy content has actually been on Tik Tok.” She said. “There’s a lot of parenting hashtags, child therapists, early childhood development specialists who are posting just different techniques to doing many things, from pregnancy stage to newborn, to toddler. So I was surprised because I didn’t expect that from Tik Tok. There are so many resources and so much information there,” she told Batswadi Mag.

She also shared that her baby boy will possibly have his own social media page.

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