Shekhinah Opens Up About Her Insecurities

She is not afraid of showing her imperfections

By  | Aug 24, 2020, 01:20 PM  | Shekhinah  | Top of The

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Shekhinah has gone on Instagram and done the opposite of what most celebrities do which is to post an unflattering and not airbrushed image of herself

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The Suited hitmarker posted a photo of herself with a clean shaven head and cellulite. She captioned the post

" I had to post this image to be brave for a second , things I don’t like about this image of me is , my baldness , my cellulite and overall shape of my body , the location of this image not being the huge house and home I thought I would have by now 🤦🏾‍♀️ ... we are currently live one the Rosefest page TRYING to unpack body image and depression if you resonate and have somethings to say too .please feel free to dm me or join the YouTube link in my Bio❤️🌹"
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The vocalist mentioned in the post that she had to be brave in order to post the image and she revealed all her insecurities including the fact that she does not live in the huge house that she thought she would have by now. The musician's honesty is refreshing because she does not want to pretend that the fame came with glitz and glamour and reveals that celebrities also go through the same issues that ordinary folks face.

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