The Fergusons Prepare To Honour Uncle Sho

In Memory Of Mr Sho

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This year saw the sudden and unexpected loss of the great loss of Shona Ferguson. The film producer and media mogul passed on as a result of COVID-19 complications and all of Mzansi felt the pain of having lost such a great mind.

None of it compared to the loss felt by the Ferguson family as a whole and the immense support the family continues to receive much appreciation from Connie Ferguson. Time and time again, she has taken to her social media to thank family and friends from the country and the region.

Just recently, The Ferguson family through the Ferguson foundation announced that they will be hosting a Gala launch in honour of the great Shona Ferguson. The Ferguson foundation which is a philanthropy initiative by the family seeks to empower and contribute to the development of communities in Mzansi and beyond.

In a recent post by the foundation, Connie Ferguson is seen aiming for a makeshift goal post with the caption, “The goal for Ferguson Foundation is to enrich young talent! With every helping hand, we can enable the dreams of young talent & plant a seed of hope & possibility!” Check out the video below

The Gala is set to happen on the 4th of December and fans are already really excited about it. It is so nice to see that this family is finally getting back to its feet one step at a time and this launch will see friends, family, industry mates and many others take time to honor Uncle Sho’s memory in a beautiful way.
Just this year, we have seen Connie Ferguson go back to work and even resume her workout routine. She really has much to be grateful for. If you know, Connie is always encouraging her fans and followers to be the best they can be, and so to see her strength even as she still adjusts to life without her husband, we are happy to see that she keeps holding on.

Connie has had to endure much criticism these past days especially following the number of actors who have been leaving The Queen. Being an executive producer, many have wondered whether or not Connie can actually manage to keep the family business afloat now that Shona is no more. Still, it seems not even that will keep her down.

Alicia Ferguson also just recently landed a new gig and fans were very much excited to see that she was also back to chasing the bag as well. She took to her Instagram to make the announcement and fans have been pledging their support ever since.

Uncle Sho must be smiling down on his family even as they continue to live out the legacy he left behind.

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