Skeem Saam's Eunice Answers Her Calling

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In recent years, we've seen quite a number of celebrities take up their ancestral calling.

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The journey of ubungoma (traditional healing) is one that has been frowned upon for years. When people who have entered into this spiritual journey of their lives announce it, they are often met with negativity and many judgemental questions about their path.

Scoop Makhathini made headlines in 2019 when he accused some celebs of faking their ancestral calling because it had become "fashionable" in the entertainment industry.

“All of a sudden, every Tom, Dick and Thandi is having a calling...I’m just gonna relax and watch the liars play themselves out. The ancestral lashing will be unavoidable. JHB folk will bite anything, even s**t that can't be bitten or faked. Yonke into bafuna ukuyendza ‘i-fashion’,” the TV presenter wrote on Twitter.

Over the years, however, things have somewhat changed as more and more people become educated about ubungoma and the positive impact of spiritual and physical healing that izangoma make in people's lives. With more and more celebrities embracing their ancestral calling, more people proudly embrace traditional healers and ubungoma as a whole.

Actress Oratile Maitisa is responsible for playing the role as Eunice on Skeem Saam. Although the actress keeps a pretty low profile, she keeps her legion of fans and followers updated on her social media platforms.

The actress, on Sunday, took to her Instagram account to announce that she is now a sangoma. She posted pictures of herself clad in traditional sangoma regalia, much to the excitement of her followers who congratulated her on her journey.

Another celebrity who has recently taken up the gift of ubungoma is Nyan Nyan presenter Luyanda Potwana. Unlike many celebrities, Luyanda kept his calling and journey out of the spotlight and continues to do so. Reintroducing himself in a Facebook post, he explained why he chose to keep his decision to answer his ancestral calling away from the spotlight until recently.

"You know me as a South African television host. However, this is a side of me that is unknown to the public. My ancestral spiritual calling. After all, I am my ancestors – and my ancestors are me.

"I kept this away from social media, not because I was ashamed of it – I just wanted to walk the journey quietly. However it is now time to reintroduce me."

Oratile now joins other well-known celebrities who are sangomas. These include, Zola Hashatsi, Masechaba Ndlovu, Lerato Mvelase, The Soil vocalist Buhle Mda and Phelo Bala.

The gift of ubungoma differs from person to person. Phelo said that his ancestral calling means more to him than music, which is one of the reasons he left Joyous Cebration: “I am a sangoma; music is not my calling and I will not do it forever. Whether I have healed people through music or in my sangoma practices; my calling is in healing.”

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