The Tau Mogale Challenge goes viral!

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Generations: The Legacy's Tau Mogale (Rapulana Seiphemo) and Karabo Moroka (Connie Ferguson) have become social media sensations. 

A clip from one of their scenes from the soapie has gone viral and the internet is having all kinds of fun with it. In the video, Tau is confronting Karabo, who cheated on him with another man. He then asks her how many times they've slept together and she reveals that it has happened three times. 

DJ Fresh posted the clip on Twitter a few days ago. 


That's the clip, minus the laughing baby, of course.

The scene inspired one Twitter user, @TipiDang to start the #TauMogaleChallenge hashtag. You basically take the original clip and then edit by including your own reaction after Karabo's confession. Simple, right?  



Others joined in on the fun and the results were hilarious.



Hawu? Even the president?


People are so creative out there. Even Connie was impressed.


Image credit: Facebook