Mzansi Celebrities That Have Opened Up About Going For Therapy

Their mental health journeys have not been easy

By  | Feb 22, 2022, 02:25 PM  | Thabang Molaba  | Top of the

Thabang Molaba/K Naomi
Mental health continues to be an issue that affects many across the world, and none like our celebrities. With all the pressure that comes with being in the spotlight all the time, life can at times take a huge toll on them. 

Some have actually admitted to going for therapy and even being on medication just to take control of their lives once again and we love that they also continue to advocate for issues to do with mental health. 

Below is a list of Mzansi celebrities who have admitted to going for therapy. 

Thabang Molaba

It was not that long ago when Blood And Water actor Thabang Malaba took to his social media to open up about how he had chosen to go for therapy as a means to invest on his personal growth journey. 

I’ve experienced drastically immense growth, happiness and understanding, not only of myself but about life in general. I’ve stopped operating from a fearful state, people pleasing, playing it safe and merely surviving.

He continues to be one of the top rising stars here in Mzansi and it is good to see that above all else, he has chosen to intentionally walk his mental health journey with grace. 


Ever since the tragic and unexpected death of his ex fiancé, Nellie Tembe, we can only imagine how tough it must have been for SupaMega to move on from such a painful loss. 

Taking to his social media, he admitted that he needed to take both psychological and spiritual counseling to help him heal and come to terms with the fact that he had lost the love of his life.

Not only that but he also discontinued his partnership deal with Cruz Vodka as a means to recollect himself and find his footing before he could resume his everyday life.

It is good to finally see that he is back with a bang and fans are happy to know that his healing journey gets easier and easier each day. 

Lasizwe Dambuza

If you can remember, it was not that long ago when Sweerie had taken to his social media to announce that he had been depressed and that he had also checked himself into a mental facility. 

And while this news came as a shock to many who had never imagined their fave YouTube sensation had been going through such a hard time, it was inspiring to see that he was choosing to deal with his mental problems head on. 

Being in a mental facility meant that he would be under psychological care and treatment and has since been out already, we can only believe that he is doing much better now. 

K Naomi

Next up is media personality K Naomi who has always set the internet ablaze with her beautiful personality and her fairy tale romance. 

In the eyes of many, her life is perfect and devoid of any problems. However, after the death of Anele Tembe, she and other public figures decided to speak up about their individual mental health journeys as well as how they had been able to cope so far. 

Taking to her Twitter she said, 

Thank you for sharing. I am K Naomi Noinyane and in 2018 I found out I had minor depression but chose not to take meds because I was too scared to be reliant on them. I do, although still suffer from anxiety… A therapist and my supportive family are my coping mechanisms

Trevor Noah

Many would think that being a comedian and being the man behind everyone’s laughter has shielded Trevor Noah from mental health troubles. 

It was not too long ago when he decided to boldly open up about how hard it was to take over the Daily Show from John Stewart. 

It was around this time that his battle with depression began but therapy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle helped him to recover and the best version of himself that we all know and love and we couldn't be more proud of him. 

It’s stories like this that remind us that our celebrities are still human and also go through difficult times. Despite it all, it is good to see that they are each taking their mental health journeys seriously and continue to inspire others to do the same. 

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