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Tbo Touch continues to get showered with love

By  | Apr 11, 2022, 02:25 PM  | Thabo "Tbo Touch" Molefe  | Top of The

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Tbo Touch has been receiving so much love from people around the country since his return to radio. The Metro FM presenter has been receiving flowers since the news, but this time he got them - literally.

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The media personality is back with a new show The Touchdown with Tbo Touch, previously known as Touch Down 326. He takes listeners home with the drive time slot on Metro FM and fans are loving him.

Touch has received some positive reviews from fans thus far but now he not only received his flowers, but he can actually smell them.

Zakes Bantwini had the opportunity to be interviewed by Tbo Touch and he decided to surprise him some flowers. “Bro, I bought you 600 flowers,” said Zakes. He clarified that it was his first time buying flowers for a man, “I’ve never bought a red flower for a man.”

This kind gesture was a way to express his gratitude for the wonderful support he received from Touch. He also thanked him for supporting his song Osama.

He said for every year in the 6 years, 100 roses would be a celebration for his success, “It’s been six years since you were here. So every hundred represents a year because your energy is always on a 100.”

An obviously shocked Tbo Touch thanked Zakes for his kind gesture. On his social media platforms, Touch said, "My Brother @zakesbantwini affirmed a life lesson I wish to practice and share with everyone I love and respect. Thank you for the surprise my Brother and thank you for the unsurpassed excellence of your craft."

Zakes' Osama was at some point dubbed the national anthem. His song not only topped local music charts, but in addition to that, it received a million views milestone on YouTube days after it's release. 

While many of us still struggle with the lyrics, Zakes released them but we still cannot sing them. That's because According to him, the language it is sung in is Glossolalia. 

Osama means Lion and the symbolism of lion in Africa is 'protection, wisdom, strength and power.' Glossolalia also actually means, speaking various languages which are by the way, unknown, and it is common in religion.

Touch's return was applauded by many especially after he was rumoured to be taking home a fat cheque. The station did however deny Tbo Touch's R500K salary. They added that any freelancer would not earn a salary that is even close to R200K.

He did not however address the rumours that he received so much money and only gave fans a taste of what's to come. “Just testing mic. Check mic, check. Testing 1, 2, 3. April 1 your boy is in the building. Just popped in at Metro FM to check if my horns are intact. Can't believe it's been six years since I last sat on this chair.”

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